Letter To The Editor: Over $500,000 A Year Removed From SD 3 Tax Rolls

Editors note:  This letter was written in response to the the article Town Board’s Use of Eminent Domain Costs Tax payers Millions. 

Dear Editor,

Rotondo is only a part of the larger puzzle. The Town knew Rotondo was using this land in an illegal manner as more than a construction debris waste transfer site, less 1000 feet from Huntington Intermediate school (now Jack Abrams), yet still gave Rotondo permission to build a building on site, recently demolished to discourage homeless living in it, to comply with EPA standards.

Many other properties in the core “revitalization” area have been taken over the last 45 years, most recently some parcels adjacent to Gateway park. By my estimate, over $500,000 A YEAR have been removed from the SD 3 tax rolls in the last 20 years alone, long after the destruction of downtown H.S. in the 60′s, which also removed hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax revenue. Take back the blocks is another example. P.I.L.O.T.s and CDA ground leases also contribute to the decline of SD 3 tax revenue.

Eminent Domain should ONLY be applied when there is a clear cut public benefit. To date, no “official” use of 1345G NY Ave has been made public. Why has the Town gone through such great lengths and taxpayer expense to take this land?

Matt Harris
Huntington Station Resident

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