County Announces Enrollment Period for Agricultural Districts

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County Press Release

The Department of Economic Development & Planning has announced that, pursuant to Section 303-b of the New York State Agriculture and Markets Law, landowners may request inclusion of predominately viable agricultural lands in certified agricultural districts during through March 31, 2014. A link to the application can be found here. 

“Agriculture is a strong engine of growth in the Long Island economy,” stated County Executive Bellone. “I encourage local farmers to take advantage of State Agricultural District law to ensure continued agricultural prosperity in Suffolk County.”

Enacted in 1971, New York’s Agricultural Districts Law creates economic and regulatory incentives to aid existing farmers. Enrollment in an agricultural district guarantees a farmer’s “right to farm.” This means that farms certified in an “Agricultural District” are protected from unreasonably restrictive local regulations.

Enrollment in the Agricultural Districts Program also helps the farmland owner receive property tax assessments based on the value of the land for agricultural production, rather than its development value.

To be eligible for Agricultural District certification, farms less than seven acres must average over $50,000 in annual sales over the previous two years. Farms of more than seven acres need to average $10,000 or more in sales over the last two years.

Should any questions arise on the content of this Public Notice, please contact Andrew Amakawa at (631) 853-5191.

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