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Source the stationAs summer is well underway, we want to start by wishing the Huntington Station community and the Town of Huntington residents at large, a safe, fun, and family filled summer!

One of our main focuses this year has been the Community Benefits Agreement (CBA), which will initially apply to Renaissance Downtowns developments. Over the last few months, Renaissance Downtowns has been doing a lot of outreach to Huntington Station stakeholder groups about the CBA. After months of outreach and feedback, on June 19th, over 50 Huntington Station representatives from 20+ stakeholder groups met with us and Town of Huntington representatives to review feedback and begin to complete the process of shaping the CBA. Most representatives who were present emphasized items such as local jobs & job training, community spaces, and a focus on youth. Additionally, a few other points of feedback were on economic development, transparency and continued involvement in the revitalization efforts. In the coming months, we will continue to have meetings with a smaller group of community representatives and the Town of Huntington, and ultimately the CBA will be signed between the Town of Huntington and Renaissance, paving the way for development and revitalization to begin.

In addition to the CBA, we have also been in the process of technical planning for our four immediate opportunity sites, which include the following uses: a boutique hotel and office development, retail space, apartments over storefronts at Gateway Plaza, and the potential for artists lofts and livework/Gallery space. While we focus on these immediate opportunity sites along New York Avenue, we are continuing our infrastructure analyses in order to then expand development and revitalization.

Finally, we continue to be immersed in the community. On June 14, we were part of The PopUp Diva’s first event at Station Sports supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs. In the coming months we look forward to being a part of “Unity in the Community: Huntington Awareness Day Parade & Fair” on September 6th and HSLQ’s Annual Hispanic Heritage Fair on September 14th.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please reach out to our Source the Station office by phone at (631) 6294660, by email at andrea@sourcethestation.com, amalia@sourcethestation.com, or loretta@sourcethestation.com, or in person at 1266 New York Avenue, Huntington Station, NY 11746. We look forward to continuing our work together with the Huntington Station community and its revitalization efforts.

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