Huntington Station Business Improvement District Survey

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My name is Michael Raspantini and I’m the acting Creative Director of the Huntington Station Business Improvement District. As a Huntington High School grad and lifelong Huntington resident, I’m grateful to be granted the opportunity to create free special events for the residents and business owners of Huntington Station.


Last year, I created new events for Huntington Station including: Multinational Culture Week which followed the Huntington Awareness/Unity Day Festival and the Fairground Bazaar farmers market where more than 300 people joined in painting a 7 x 20 foot outdoor wall mural entitled: May Peace Prevail On Earth. This year, we’re hoping to see a more powerful, positive shift in Huntington Station, and that’s why we’re reaching out to you.


Below, please take a minute to place a check mark next to the different ideas you support. Jot your email down if you’d like to be informed of BID community happenings, and include a note of your own by writing a line or two describing the kinds of events you’d like to see in Huntington Station.  When you’re all done, cut out this survey and mail it back to the BID here:

Michael Raspantini

HS BID PO Box 53

Huntington Station, NY 11746


Check all that apply:

___ I support free events for Huntington Station including parades, festivals, farmers markets and craft fairs. I believe these are beneficial for the community.


___I support the idea of having a “Peace Park” in Huntington Station, which may include world-class sculptures and/or beautiful veteran memorials.


___ I believe we would benefit from the greater attention of local government & Suffolk County Police.  I may support the idea of Huntington Station as an incorporated village.


___I want to see my neighborhood be the best it can be. I believe this begins with our neighbors, getting together to support one another & the businesses close to home.



Phone #:_____________________________________


Thank you so much for your time and attention.

Michael A. Raspantini, HS BID Creative Director

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