Joan Cergol Appointed by Democrats in Last Town Board Majority Meeting.

A “New Direction” for Huntington starts in January with the new leadership of Chad Lupinnaci, Ed Smyth and Gene Cook as the majority, yet Susan Berland (same ole same ole) does not let us down one more time going out the door. At last night’s December 13, 2017, the last democratically controlled town board meeting Susan Berland resigned.  Sources have told us that Susan, had told Chad and crew that she was not, however Susan resigned and this allowing the last move of the Democratic Majority to appoint  Joan Cergol.  We have asked Joan when she plans on resigning from the following jobs, which her salary is $126,101.

  • Director of the Huntington Community Development Agency
  • Executive director of the town’s Economic Development Corp.
  • Executive director of the town’s Local Development Corp.

We emailed Joan Cergol and have not heard back from her about her resignation.  At last night meeting we did not hear anything about her resigning.  According to Councilman Gene Cook “Monday Joan Cergol was in his office stating that she DID NOT want to be a councilperson.” So Cook was totally taken back that Susan resigned last night and that Joan was to be the Appointee, especially when there was not a vote on this till the end of the meeting. Cook felt this was to be the job of the new board to fill this seat and considered the move very unethical, even though is legal.

Councilman Cook had a term limit resolution up that because of this Resignation/Vote he pulled the term limits off of the agenda, so the new team can vote on it.

Plus in other news from the meeting as a last stand the Board also appointed ZBA and Board of Assessment Review, too many of this appointments have been we over due and also should have then left to the new board.




Click here to watch the video 

On the right side when you click on to watch the video go to item 59 all the way at the bottom to watch Susan Berland resign and then the vote for Joan Cergol as her replacement.


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