Supervisor Lupinacci Reminds Residents to Sign Up for Telephone Alerts

Those without listed landline phones need to opt in for emergency calls

          Huntington Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci is reminding residents who do not have listed landline phones or who prefer to receive notifications on their cell phone to sign up for the Town’s Huntington Alert system by visiting the Town’s website.

         The Town uses the system, part of the Code RED network, to pass on important information when bad weather strikes or during other emergencies. The Code RED database includes more than 70,000 Huntington telephone numbers in its database, obtained from various public records. But Code RED’s database does not automatically include unlisted numbers. Those persons, as well as persons who no longer have landline phones or who prefer to receive the calls on their cell phones, need to sign up for the telephone notifications by going to the Town’s website, Look for the “Huntington Alert” button on the bottom of the home page, click on the words “Sign Up Here,” and follow the instructions.

          “We want to make sure that all residents receive important information during weather and other emergencies and that our call list is as up to date as possible,” Supervisor Lupinacci said. “If you do not have a listed phone, please sign up so we can reach you when the circumstances require that we do. We want everybody to be safe and to be fully informed.”

          Supervisor Lupinacci also recorded a video asking residents who do not believe they are in the database to sign up. The video can be viewed below:


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