Neri Arevalo Departs From The Huntington Resource Center After Three Years Of Service

With pride and sadness I would like to announce the departure of Neri Arevalo from the Huntington Resource Center after three years of service.

Her last day will be Friday, May 3, 2019.

Sadness . . . We will miss her tremendously.  Personally, she is my right arm and partner at the Resource Center.

A fierce advocate for the community of Huntington, the clients we serve, and Suffolk County residents.  Neri is a pillar of strength and knowledge and we could not exceed our goals here at the Resource Center without her.  So her departure is bittersweet.

Pride . . .With her knowledge, strength and empathy she is poised to exceed in her new position as a Community Service Worker for the Town of Huntington.

A great opportunity still in service to our community.

Today, I am hosting an “Open House” here at the Huntington Resource Center in her honor.  If you have some free time today, please stop in.

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