Happy Holidays from the Northport Symphony Orchestra

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We hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season! We at the Northport Symphony Orchestra are hard at work at preparing for our Winter Concert in early 2020, continuing our season-long celebration of the legacy of Ludwig van Beethoven for his 250th birthday.

2019 was another amazing year for us! We featured two world-class women soloists: the pianist Sara Daneshpour and violinist Kinga Augustyn. We hosted our first-ever solo recital, featuring pianist Reed Tetzloff. We also continued our relationship with the Paumanack Village community as well as the Carillon Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

A special “Thank You” to our many financial supporters.

It takes a nation to make us sing. Here are just a few of you who have helped us keep the music playing for 2019:

  • John Bozzella
  • Emily Eisen
  • Phyllis Sherwood
  • James and Eileen Cohn
  • John and Maria Nielsen
  • Baldwin Management Services
  • Stephanie Branta
  • Milt Masur and Prue Emery
  • Kathrynne Yland and Michael Grosso
  • The Baldwin Family
  • William Baldwin and Lauren Van Kool
  • Jacqueline and Walter Chaskel
  • Connolly Music
  • Jack and Susan DeMasi
  • John and Shannon Donecea
  • Catherine Hyman
  • James and Christine Schneider
  • Carolyn and Joseph Schorn
  • Jonathan Selzer
  • The Tjersland Family
  • Elaine Adler
  • Maggie Amrhein & Gerry Hurley
  • Barry Bergman
  • Donna and Chris Geiger
  • Keith and Susan Itzler
  • Helen M. Kegerreis
  • Leila Zogby
  • Lynn Adler Ciorciari
  • Nancy Darman
  • Gerri Farrell
  • Mrs. Thomas J. Hayden
  • Jennifer Hildreth
  • Steven and Rhona Jacobs
  • Carol Montparker Taub
  • Victor and Edna Susman
  • Witold and Agnieszka Koziel
  • Len and Betty Laufer
  • Len and Peg Moss
  • Hiroko and Hayao Nakahara
  • Michael and Ellen Richardson
  • Robert and Susan Rubner
  • Donald and Deborah Sherman

And this doesn’t even include the people that have donated at the door of our concerts, or the many of you that gave your time and energy to make everything run smoothly behind the scenes. Thank you so much for every single thing that all of you have done, no matter the size!

Save the Date: January 31 2020
Join us on Friday night, January 31, for our Winter Concert, our first of the new decade! We’ll be continuing our season-long celebration of the 250th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven with his 2nd Symphony. Also on the program, a couple of charming works by American legend, Aaron Copland.

Our concerts are FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC, though we do suggest a $10 donation to the orchestra. We’ll see you soon!

Thank you for all of your support throughout 2019!
Here’s to an exciting 2020!

With love and joy,
Your friends at
The Northport Symphony Orchestra

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