Dear Editor LIPA/NAT GRID Are They Screwing The Huntington Taxpayers?

Minor thoughts on the July 15, 2020 Northport-East Northport Union Free District Board of Education Meeting/Presentation:

I am absolutely embarrassed to have spent 3 hours listening to the school district’s attorney trying to persuade me into why settling was a good idea. The school board is allowing LIPA to bully them into a settlement, and are only thinking about themselves and that $14 million payment that they would be receiving from LIPA .They are severely underestimating the impact on not only the residents of the Northport-East Northport School district,  but they are also forgetting the impact on residents outside of the school district, which will also have an impact on them indirectly. Throughout the “presentation” their attorney deflected a lot of questions.  They don’t want an outside tax company or the county comptroller to review the numbers. Something doesn’t add up.

It seems to me that the school board doesn’t care about the actual residents that inhabit their school district, just the school itself. Using less buildings isn’t going to solve anything when half the residents of Northport-East Northport can’t afford their houses and have to sell them. There was absolutely no fight at all from the School board and it was pathetic. You would have thought that they would have stood up even a little bit, but they didn’t.

Another thing that bothered me was the fact that they don’t find it necessary to have a public forum before deciding on this. Every resident within the Northport-East Northport Community cannot attend a 3 hour zoom meeting. Don’t use the CDC as an excuse to hide behind a computer. There are ways to have a public forum on a something that will astronomically financially impact your community, such as using masks and social distancing.

Someone brought up a great point, they had years to prepare for this and every year the budget went up and included non-essential ridiculous things. For ten years they have been fighting this case, yet they continue to build turf fields, new bleachers, a new parking lot, new baseball/softball fields, etc. With something potentially impacting our community so much, there is an awful lot of useless spending within the school district.

Tyler Cobe

East Northport

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