Letter To The Editor

To Town Supervisor and Council,

I just want to inform you that there was a street fight and a stabbing on East 12th Street last evening. It occurred 2 houses away from my mother’s home where my daughter also  lives.  The SCPD response was fabulous and they were professional. More than I can say about most of you.

Enjoy your  weekend while my family takes  care of an 87 year old women who is very upset over this.  Let’s not forget about the drive by 4 houses away from my grandson’s home. There have been an outrageous number of drive by shootings over the last few months.  Why aren’t you publicly asking for more help from law enforcement as you did for Teed Street?  No disrespect to the SCPD if they can’t give us what we are paying for.  

Perhaps we should ask the State to send in Troopers in to patrol. It wouldn’t be the first time this agency has helped out. Please don’t forget school boards are not to be involved. They were elected to deal with education nothing else.  Let’s not forget what happened when a SD #3 got involved with Troopers being sent  just a short time ago. It is only a matter of time before there is another murder.  

Is there a reason why some of you show no involvement?  Are you afraid to deal with these violent issues or is it that your involvement could affect the contributions to your campaigns from the PBA?  If so you should step down.  Nobody  will hold it against you. Not everyone has the skill sets to do your job the right way. I would also like to inform all of you that Riverhead is holding open town board meetings starting in June.  In closing Please try to show a little respect for us who pay your salaries in the Station as you do to other areas in our Town.

Enjoy your weekend
Jim McGoldrick

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