Letter From the Editor – Elections 2021

Dear Reader,

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As a journalist and editor I realize that any letter to the editor is biased from the prospective of the person who drafted the letter. In some cases,  there will be misrepresentation of facts as the writer chooses to see the situation as they want to believe. In this case I am compelled to say that Tom McNally the Republican Chair is either delusional or willingly spreads false information to prop up his candidate  for Huntington supervisor as a qualified candidate. 
The blatant example of this case is stating his supervisor candidate led the charge for term limits. How was that possible considering resolution 2017-526 to schedule the public hearing for term limits which was sponsored by Councilman Eugene Cook was voted on November 9, 2017?  The public hearing for term limits was held on December 13, 2017. Does Tom McNally not know that the town board in 2017 consisted of Supervisor Petrone, Councilman Cuthbertson, Councilwoman Berland, Councilwoman Edwards and Councilman Cook?  Supervisor Lupanacci and Councilman Smyth took office in January 2018. In what reality are you living in Mr. McNally?  Yes, they both were fortunate to vote to pass the enactment resolution 2018-35 along with Councilman Cuthbertson and Councilman Cook.  The enactment was sponsored by Councilman Eugene Cook at the January 23, 2018 meeting. 
Why on earth is Tom McNally even bringing up holding the line on taxes; when the Supervisor’s budget only passed for adoption in 2018.  In both 2019 and 2020 the town’s budget wasn’t even voted on; as no town board member would second the vote. 
As for downzoning, I have to admit Tom McNally you and your Republican Supervisor and Councilman orchestrated a great dog and pony show at the July 13, 2021 town meeting; telling everyone you will protect them from the bad democrats and Cook who turned his back on your coalition regarding local law introductory 2021-41. The same public hearing was scheduled with a 5-0 vote; which means your “protectors from downzoning” voted for the hearing. What confused me the most was after the circus act you created both of these “protectors from downzoning” voted to downzone a parcel of land on Pulaski Road for Sunrise Assisted Living that local residents requested be held off as the new school year was starting with the closure of two schools in their school district which would affect the traffic in the area. Oh yeah, Councilman Eugene Cook voted against this downzoning at the same meeting. So who is really protecting Huntington from downzoning?
Mr. McNally, did you ever think that a grassroots effort that circulated the petitions that got Eugene Cook on the ballot for Town Supervisor has more to do with the lack of support for the candidates endorsed by both political parties?  Have you taken a moment to reflect on your choice for the Republican supervisor candidate and his qualifications for the position?  Have you thought about why you have to attack Eugene Cook with every email, press release or letter to the editor you send out?
I don’t believe you have, because if you did, you would recognize the fact that you have nothing to say as to why anyone should vote for Ed Smyth. Mr. McNally, a piece of advice, stick to the facts and speak about what your candidate has done for Huntington. 
Note our endorsements for this years election will be out shortly and Ed Smyth will not be on the list.
Thank you,
Nicholas Wieland 
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