Political Endorsements By TheHuntingtonian 2021

The criteria for receiving an endorsement from the Huntingtonian:

Integrity and honesty are more important to us than where candidates stand on all issues. Since we will never all agree with everything a candidate stands for, it is important to elect individuals who remember they work for the people.  We should not have to be detectives to figure out what our elected are up to.

We endorse people who we believe care about all constituents, not just those who are most likely to vote for them.  All constituents must have equal value regardless of socioeconomic status, race, religion or the hamlet they reside in. We will endorse individuals who we believe value equality.

The individuals we support need to be more concerned with the residents and tax payers of the community than the special interest groups including builders.

As far the issues, we are very concerned experienced leaders and the way an individual spends money.

We endorse candidates that we believe have leadership qualities.  A true leader encourages people to work together.  We will endorse candidates who will work to build consensus, bring individuals together and not try to divide communities.

We want individuals who will make sure that all hamlets are fairly represented in all appointed boards and committees. (This is especially important in Huntington Station).

For an incumbent to receive an endorsement:

Incumbents who have been caught in a lie will never receive an endorsement. Incumbents who spend more time taking photos, than serving in a meaningful way will not be endorsed.

Incumbents who have failed to respond to FOIL requests and hold back public information will not be endorsed.

Suffolk County Endorsements:

Suffolk District Attorney:

Ray Tierney

Suffolk County Sheriff

Eric Toulon


Huntington Township Endorsements:

Town Supervisor:

Eugene Cook


Council People:

Dr. David P. Bennardo

Jen Hebert  


Highway Superintendent:

Andre Sorrentino Jr.


Candidate for Legislative District 16

Manny Estaban Sr.


Candidate for Legislative District 17

Stephen Becker


Candidate for Legislative District 18

Stephanie Bontempi


Vote on Tuesday, November 2, 2021.


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