Who Killed The Rats in Huntington


            ”Broken Windows” is a metaphor for any visible sign of disorder in an environment that goes untended.  Over the last thirty years , we have seen the ebb and flow of metropolitan areas which first tend to broken windows and, unfortunately,  the subsequent impact of a failure to tend to broken windows.

             The NAACP Town Supervisor debate had a moment which could serve as a preview of the varying realities with the coming town administration and their response to broken windows.

            First up was Ed Smyth. The question posed was ; with the construction activities on town projects in the Huntington Station area, what steps will you take to address the rats which have seemingly multiplied in the area to the point of a public health nuisance?

            Town Council member Smyth stated that, perhaps when I take office as Town Supervisor in January I will look to address that matter.

            Second up was Rebecca Sanin. She provided an answer which indicated that she studied rats during her undergraduate psychology studies in Southern California, she broadened her understanding of rats during a master’s program at Columbia, and then did intensive group study of rats by attending law school.    She followed up by indicating she had never studied Huntington rats, and would be researching the data and doctoral thesis to try to understand the motivation of the rats. In understanding the rats, she indicated, there would be a chance to channel their energies into hibernation.

            Last up was Gene Cook. Cook took the microphone and stated “tomorrow morning, I will be down at that site to deal with killing the rats, and we are going to kill the rats.”

            In the NAACP responses, the town’s voters were given a glimpse of the future of Huntington Town leadership.

            The Broken Windows theory would suggest that you want to kill the rats .

            That would suggest a vote for Gene Cook.  The rat killer. 



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