Dear Friends and Supporters,


 I want to take this time to thank you for your generous support in my campaign for Huntington Town Supervisor. Words cannot express how humbled I am by the encouragement I received during this journey, and I am proud of our efforts to give Huntington a choice that included a campaign focused on positivity.

I thank all the candidates who ran for public office, at any level of government; as it takes courage and passion for the community to face a challenge that may not necessarily be positive or successful. I recognize the families who support our candidates, as I understand the time and commitment it entails not only for the candidate but also for their families. Also, I understand the stress that a negative campaign against a candidate has on the family, and I am proud of our efforts being focused on what I have done for Huntington and not on my opponents.

I look forward to continuing my work as your Councilman for the residents, the business owners and taxpayers in the Town of Huntington; continuing to strive to make our Town the best community for not only our families, but for the future of generations of Huntington.



Eugene Cook

Town of Huntington 

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