Cold Spring Harbor High School Class of 2022

Proud family members and invited guests gathered at Cold Spring Harbor High School on June 12 to join in celebrating the 59th Commencement of the 145 graduating seniors of the Class of 2022. As the graduates processed into the field house for the final time, High School Principal Daniel Danbusky congratulated the class on their dedication and commitment to achieving their goal of academic success. “We are all gathered here to recognize and celebrate your accomplishments,” he said.                                                                                  Following the tradition of graduates before them, the Class of 2022 was represented by three student Reflection Speakers, Thomas Tsekerides, Michael Keschner and Sarah Kiefer. Thomas Tsekerides humbly reflected upon how embarrassing himself is the best thing he knows how to do and shared that embarrassment fundamentally is a good thing and everyone should embrace it to learn and improve themselves.

Michael Keschner shared that he was honored and proud to be the Class of 2022 Student Council president. He spoke about relief and pride as the Class of 2022 returned their textbooks and signed their new yearbooks essentially ending one chapter of their academic career and beginning another. He encouraged his fellow classmates to stand up, to find a purpose and to align themselves with doing good, and to leave a profound and collective impact as the Class of 2022. He shared, “Let us change the world. CSH roots are deeply embedded, let’s soar high with pride Seahawks.”

Lastly, Sarah Kiefer reflected upon embracing fear and excitement, as today represents all their success from elementary school to senior year. She advised her classmates to “Be true to yourself, trust your instincts, do the right thing and have faith.” Remembering the pandemic and the many struggles, Sarah noted “We all became stronger through the tough times, and we realized how much we relied on others. We all stumbled, and we helped each other.”

Superintendent of Schools, Jill M. Gierasch welcomed her first graduating class as superintendent sharing that this journey is indeed about family and the support each student has received along the way. “I am honored to be a part of this ceremony as you are my first class of graduating seniors as the new superintendent in Cold Spring Harbor,” she said. “I could not be more pleased with your success and sharing my journey with you.”

As a gift, she shared that each senior will be receiving the book, “Make Your Bed,” which outlines the 10 principles by U.S. Navy Seal Officer, Admiral William H. McRaven. “These basic lessons, if followed, could help guide you through some of the challenges you may face in the days and years ahead,” said Superintendent Gierasch. “They will likely help you make an impact on the world for the better.” She concluded by saying, “Class of 2022, you have worked together to leave your mark on our community. Remember the next part of your journey shapes you and who you will become. The effort and the things you learn along the way and more importantly the people you surround yourself with will make all the difference in the life you create for yourself.”

Congratulations to the Cold Spring Harbor High School Class of 2022. Fly high Seahawks.


Cold Spring Harbor High School Class of 2022 59th commencement.

Photos courtesy of the Cold Spring Harbor CSD

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