Press Release-South Huntington School Budget PASSED

South Huntington Residents Approve 2023-2024 School Budget


South Huntington, NY – Residents in the South Huntington School District today approved the budget for the 2023-2024 school year.  The vote tallies are as follows:


Proposition No. 1 (Budget):  PASSED

YES: 824

NO:  318


And we had two candidates running for two BOE seats.

Andrew Bronson and Sidney Joyner were each elected to a three-year term as School Board Trustee.

Andrew Bronson: 941 votes

Sidney Joyner: 868 votes


Proposition 2 (ex-Officio Student member of the BOE) PASSED

YES: 871

NO:  265

It allows for an Ex-Officio Student Member attending the high school to serve on the board of education provided that such student member shall not have a vote, nor attend executive sessions of the board, nor receive any compensation for such participation.

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