The Immigrant Crisis


“The Town of Huntington has not received information from any other municipality or agency notifying us of an influx of immigrants. I’ve spoken with the governor’s office this morning. They confirmed there has been an outreach to hotels state-wide to determine availability of rooms. However, the Governor is working with the City of New York to provide housing for immigrants entirely within the City of New York. There are no plans “at this time” to move anyone to Long Island.”


“As the son of two immigrants, I’ve seen first-hand all the benefits the United States provides to those choosing to relocate to this Country.  I’ve also seen the benefits that immigrants provide to the United States.   I support individuals or families looking to come to the United States in search of a better life.  We need more legal immigration.  It is the illegal immigration process into this Country that is a problem.   The deliberate chaos at our southern border is not only a humanitarian crisis but a national embarrassment.”

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