Northport High School National Honor Society welcomes 2023 inductees

 As National Honor Society officers, Ava Mir, Charlotte Bingham and Sam Rosenfeld-McMahon have spent countless hours supporting events and activities behind the scenes. Along with their fellow society members, they have been the quiet forces behind the St. Baldrick’s Day “Brave the Shave” event, Best Buddy Friendship Ball, Miss Minnie’s Toy Drives, freshman orientation and many more philanthropic and school-focused endeavors over the past two years.  

               Advisor Lynn Cromeyn emphasized that the spirit of giving is engrained in Northport High School and these students take pride in being able to give back to the community. “This school has always struck me, from my very first day, with how much these kids give back,” she said.

               Senior and National Honor Society President Ava Mir emphasized that the good will is not just for the sake of college essays and a resume, but rather is truly about standing up for what is right, giving back to those in need and supporting the entire community.

 “Something that is important that we have been stressing is humility,” she said. “We’re not out there shouting our causes, but we’re standing with organizations in our own community behind the scenes and doing the gritty work, whether it’s setting up before or after school or during lunch periods, while still maintaining high GPAs and strong character.”

Fellow officer Charlotte Bingham agreed, saying “It’s not so much for recognition, it’s more to enrich the schoolwork and the volunteer work we’ve already put in.” Both students emphasized that they are proud to be able to work alongside other groups and organizations to help bolster their success.

As the students prepared to usher in a new class of 108 National Honor Society inductees at the ceremony on May 23, they also reflected on the legacy they hope to leave behind.

“For me, what’s really important to leave behind is just the desire to have that school spirit, to keep taking initiative whether it is community service or the honor society, or school involvement – things like that are extremely important for us to leave behind,” said Rosenfeld-McMahon.

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