Annual Northport High School Extracurricular Awards celebrate student achievements

The annual Northport High School Extracurricular Awards were a showcase of the many varied interests and talents of the Class of 2023. Teachers and administrators across music, art, athletics, technology, math, business, law, language and more recognized dozens of seniors who have gone above and beyond in their contributions to the school community and spirit.

Throughout the evening, presenters spoke of the value of extracurricular involvement and the impact that the group of dedicated seniors have had on the school. A recurring sentiment of pride was present as they reflected on the work of those being recognized.

Students each received a plaque of recognition to honor their achievements. Congratulations to the following recipients:


AMND Stem Club:

Outstanding Senior Award: Jules Nguyen

Successful Achievement Awards: Austin Schuvart


Art Honor Society:

Outstanding Senior Award: Anna Tumbarello

Successful Achievement Awards: Olivia Bingham, Kristin Morea


Art & Lit Magazine

Outstanding Senior Award: Francesca DeRosa

Successful Achievement Award: Scarlett McCann, John McKenna, Ryan Mulry


Best Buddies:

Outstanding Senior Award: Emily Reagan

Successful Achievement Awards: Thomas McArdle, Christopher Vanek


Business Honor Society:

Outstanding Senior Award: Aidan Larsen

Successful Achievement Awards: Jayla DiPalo, Charles Friedman, Ashley Granger, Benjamin Loh, Sean Posner


Chess Club:

Outstanding Senior Award: Ryan Kattau


Debate Club:

Outstanding Senior Award: Isabella Fournier

Successful Achievement Award: Nicholas Crafa


DECA Club:

Outstanding Senior Award: John Dwyer


Fashion Club

Outstanding Senior Award: Kaitlin Zenyuh



Outstanding Senior Award: Julia Weissman

Successful Achievement Awards: Alexa Shutowich, Talia Velazquez


Interact Club:

Outstanding Senior Award: Stephanie Stegner


Key Club :

Outstanding Senior Award: Samuel Rosenfeld-McMahon

Successful Achievements Awards: Katie Cancro, Nicholas Crafa, Austin Hickman, Lola Hunter, John Slagle, Stephanie Stegner, Suzanne Walsh

Scholarship: Samuel Rosenfeld-McMahon


Larkfield Northport Little League:

Scholarships: Alexander Amorosa, Francesca DeRosa, Kevin Oliver, Alexa Shutowich

Paul Kutz Memorial Scholarship: Matthew Shutowich


Law Club:

Outstanding Senior Award: Samuel Rosenfeld-McMahon

Successful Achievement Awards: Ashley Granger, Morgan Heerey, Ava Mir


Marching Band:

Outstanding Senior Award: Richard Corbett III

Successful Achievement Awards: Charlotte Bingham, Hunter Brown, Carly Chupick, Nicholas Crafa, Katherine Kapsalis, Grace Kelly, Christopher Lucie, Ava Mir, Ruby Nolan, Isabel Zulawski


Marching Band, Flagline:

Successful Achievement Awards: Kristen Perry, Anna Tumbarello



Outstanding Senior Award: Joshua D’Souza

Successful Achievement Awards: Todd Petry, Austin Schuvart


National Honor Society:

Outstanding Senior Award: Ava Mir

Successful Achievement Awards: Charlotte Bingham, Samuel Rosenfeld-McMahon


Natural Helpers (SHARE):

Outstanding Senior Award: Alexandra Senior

Successful Achievement Awards: Stephen Blazevich, Suzanne Walsh


Northport Lacrosse Club:

Scholarships: Megan Morris, Thomas Mullin


Northport Theater Troupe:

Successful Achievement Awards: Isabella Corea, Isabella Fournier, Scarlett McCann, Samuel Rosenfeld-McMahon, Suzanne Walsh


Northport Youth Center Soccer:

Scholarships: Sergei Adamcewicz, James Conolly, Nicholas Crafa, Brianna Fusaro, Maxwel Hagerman, Kyle Nock, Aidan Schafer, Karl Schluter, Alexa Shutowich, Matthew Shutowich, Adriano Terrones-Nunez, Julia Weissman, Isabel Zulawski


Newspaper (Port Press):

Outstanding Senior Award: Nicholas Crafa


Our Town 2000:

Outstanding Senior Award: Tyler Corso

Successful Achievement Awards: Meghan McMahon, Todd Petry


Photo Club:

Outstanding Senior Award: Kristin Morea

Successful Achievement Awards: Charlotte Bingham


Powdered Wigs Choreographer:

Outstanding Senior Award: Ella Piscatello

Successful Achievement Awards: Xandira Allen, Luca Bergin


Powdered Wigs Costume:

Outstanding Senior Award: Kaitlin Zenyuh


Powdered Wigs Director:

Outstanding Senior Award: Maeve Carroll

Successful Achievement Awards: Kyra Perles, Samuel Rosenfeld-McMahon, Austin Schuvart, Suzanne Walsh

Scholarships: Xandira Allen, Olivia Bingham, Ella Piscatello, Samuel Rosenfeld-McMahon, Suzanne Walsh, Isabel Zulawski


Powdered Wigs:

Outstanding Senior Award: Isabel Zulawski

Successful Achievement Awards: Charlotte Bingham, Ozan Demir, Samantha Libbey, Christopher Lucie, Ruby Nolan


Powdered Wigs Tech:

Outstanding Senior Award: Brianna Fusaro

Successful Achievement Awards: Olivia Bingham, Justin Ervin, Tatiana Martinez, Madison Paolillo


Relay for Life:

Outstanding Senior Award: Stephanie Stegner

Successful Achievement Award: Samuel Rosenfeld-McMahon


FIRST Robotics Team:

Outstanding Senior Award: Tyler Hradek

Successful Achievement Awards: Ryan Kattau, Todd Petry


Senior Class:

Outstanding Senior Award: Samuel Rosenfeld-McMahon

Successful Achievement Awards: Maeve Carroll, Isabella Fournier, Stephanie Stegner


Students for 60,000:

Outstanding Senior Award: Dylan McGraw

Successful Achievement Award: Samantha Madden, Samuel Rosenfeld-McMahon


Tabletop RPG Club:

Outstanding Senior Award: Angelina Singotiko

Successful Achievement Award: Hailey Beck, Connor Jorgensen, Anna Tumbarello


Technology Honor Society:

Outstanding Senior Award: Matthew Shutowich



Successful Achievement Awards: Sarah Edebohls, Zoe Meadows, Sophia Merlino, Allison Reale


Variety Show:

Outstanding Senior Award: Xandira Allan

Successful Achievement Awards: Matthew Cartwright , Quinn McLaughlin


Wilderness Club:

Outstanding Senior Award: Carley Herman


Photo 1: Assistant Principal Terrence Hinson presents senior Ava Mir with her recognition for her work in Law Club.


Photo 2: Music and theater teacher Cristen Salisbury presents senior Maeve Carroll with an award for her work in Powdered Wigs.


Photos courtesy of the Northport-East Northport school district.
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