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Throwback Thursday From 2016 “Mr. Supervisor, Why Can’t You Hear The People!”

Editors Note: It’s been 3 years since this story was published and nothing has changed. Even with a new Administration.  Where is our New Supervisor? Maybe we need ICE to Handle! What are your views?

Can you make a New Year’s Resolution to finally address drunken behavior in 2016? – EDITORIAL

Depot & 8th Street

Every week someone […]

Throw Back Thursdays – Voter Fraud In Suffolk County

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The following story goes back to June 2014 and happened because of the results of the November 2013 Elections.  Here are some of the results from that election.  Editors Opinion with the results of this election would have made a Major change in Huntington Government by 595 votes. Gene Cook […]

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You Can’t Make This Up!


Welcome to our new segment.  We can’t count how many times a day we say, “You can’t make this up”.  We felt we wanted to share some of  the ridiculous things that pass our desks each day.  Things that don’t really fit into a serious story.  Things that the average person who is busy raising […]

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