Broken Promises From Town Board?

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Broken Promises, Failed Policies, or Lip Service?

For well over a decade Huntingtonians have been promised Revitalization of the Huntington Station community.  We hear the same promises over and over.


“The community of Huntington Station has gone through difficult times, but NOW ITS COMEBACK TIME. With input and guidance from those who work in the station and those who call it home we are poised to reclaim this great community.” Frank Petrone – 2001.


“There is no doubt the Town of Huntington has pledged to improve conditions in Huntington Station and it is our desire to accomplish just this in a manner that is a win/win for all concerned. The recent headlines concerning revitalization of this community has actually been an excellent vehicle to bring many more residents throughout the town to the table for productive discussions during these EARLY PLANNING STAGES”. Frank Petrone – June 2002.


“While the Huntington Station Revitalization Committee REMAINS IN THE PLANNING STAGES, the Town, with the help of its friends, is moving forward to do what it can to BEGIN THE PROCESS of turning this community around.- Frank Petrone 2002.


Over the past several years, Supervisor Frank Petrone, and the entire Town Board have made the revitalization of Huntington Station a HIGH PRIORITY. The formation of the Huntington Station Revitalization Committee, creation of a comprehensive smart growth plan, enactment of a six-month moratorium and establishment of the new Business Improvement District all demonstrate the Town’s firm commitment toward reviving the Huntington Station community. – Town of Huntington Press Release April 2003.


“Our plans to make Huntington Station a better place to live, work and play are gaining widespread support and momentum from residents throughout Huntington. We remain committed to this effort. THIS LATEST ROLL-OUT OF INITIATIVES to improve Huntington Station is demonstrative of that fact.” – Frank Petrone, May 2003


“The revitalization of Huntington Station has been a collaborative effort between the Town and the community,” “I am excited to see that we are closer to breaking ground and my colleagues and I are looking forward to the completion of this project.” – Glenda Jackson May 2006. (5 years later and they still haven’t broken ground).


“This is just an example of what Huntington Station residents can look forward to in the upcoming months. This community is home base for many Town residents. This is the FIRST IMPROVEMENT OF MANY intended to invigorate the Huntington Station community.” –Susan Berland, May 2006, also referring to the ground breaking that still hasn‘t happened.


“NO LONGER IS IT TIME TO SIT AROUND AND MEET AND HOLD HANDS AND SAY KUMBAYA, ITS Time to put the hand out. One, to shake another hand, and two, to ask for help, as we provide the resources with other levels of government, as we have done through the police department, asking for help. We can meet together, we can agree, we can disagree, but if we’re not going to put the resources here, we’re paying lip service to ourselves and to our collective constituents.” – Frank Petrone, January 2010


“Those of us in Town government share your frustration about the instances of violence in the Huntington Station area and, as parents, fully understand your concern about the safety of your children. IT HAS BECOME INCREASINGLY CLEAR TO US that this problem cannot be handled with local resources alone and that every level of government – federal, state, county, town and the school district – must be involved in the search for solutions. – Town of Huntington Press release, March 2010)


“We are committed to working with all levels of government to explore realistic measures to address this serious situation. “Please know we in the Town, as well as our partners at the federal, state and county government levels, are LISTENING TO YOUR CONCERNS ANS ARE CONTINUING TO MEET AND BRAINSTORM to address the safety of all residents in Huntington Station.” – Town of Huntington Press release, March 2010


(Comments are referring to the Huntington Station Action Coalitions report)

“This report contains an impressive set of recommendations and marks a major milestone for the Coalition in setting an agenda whose timeline stretches from the next few weeks to the next couple of years. “I thank the Coalition members for their hard work so far, but we all agree THIS IS ONLY A BEGINNING. The Coalition’s subcommittees will now start implementing the action plans that will realize our broad goal of addressing Huntington Station’s needs.” –Frank Petrone, 2010


“I am very proud to be part of such a productive, forward-thinking and action-oriented group. Residents should start to see real results as the action plans contained within this report are implemented,” Legis. Cooper said. “NO MORE TALKING. NOW WE ARE TAKING ACTIONS necessary to make Huntington Station the safe, healthy and wonderful place we all know it can be. Together, with this plan, we will forge a better future for all Huntington residents.” – Jon Cooper, 2010


(Referring to the Town hiring a master developer to come up with a revitalization plan for Huntington Station)

“This will assist in bringing Huntington Station back to the vibrant downtown/community it once was, allowing our residents to enjoy a better quality of life overall. I look forward to working with Renaissance.” – Glenda Jackson, July 2011.




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