Susan Berland and Kensington Estates

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On January 11, 2011 the Town Board passed two resolutions, offered by Susan Berland, by a vote of 3-2 to approve the building of a project called Kensington Estates at the border of Huntington and Oyster Bay. The company that submitted the application for a change of zone was Triangle Equities 496 West Jericho Tpke. LLC. It just so happens that this company  donated a total of $5,000 (in three separate amounts) to Susan Berlands re-election campaign after her vote. While it is not illegal for this company to make this donation it certainly does raise eyebrows. There is another company listed on the statement called Grand Metro Building Company that donated $5000. What we find interesting is that these two companies do not appear to have previously donated to Susan Berlands campaigns.

It is interesting to note that Supervisor Frank Petrone and Councilman Mark Cuthbertson voted against these resolutions.

Below are the brief descriptions of the resolutions

2011-31. ADOPT a findings statement pursuant to SEQRA for Zone Change Application #2006-ZM-363, Triangle Equities (Kensington Estates), requesting to change the Zone from R-40 Residence District to R-RM Retirement Community District in the Town of Huntington and R1-1A District to RMF-10 District in the Town of Oyster Bay for property located on the southeast corner of Jericho Turnpike and Plainview Road, West Hills/Woodbury. (SCTM# 0400-226-01-001 and NCTM# 13-D-114 & 115)

2011-32. ENACTMENT: ADOPT the Local Law Introductory Number 7-2010 considering Zone Change Application #2006-ZM-363, Triangle Equities (Kensington Estates), to change the Zone from R-40 Residence District to R-RM Retirement Community District for property located on the south side of Jericho Turnpike, east of Plainview Road, West Hills. (SCTM# 0400-226-01-001 and NCTM# 13-D-114 & 115)

The full text of these resolutions is here.

The Friends of Susan Berland New York State Board of Elections financial statement is here.


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4 Responses to Susan Berland and Kensington Estates

  1. Do you know the history of that property? The father left it to his 2 sons, who have not been able to do anything with it, because the property falls into 2 counties.

    Thank you Susan for allowing this property to finally be developed and utilized for more than a Xmas tree store, wood carving store, and for a short-time a bad outdoor Barbeque Restaurant.

    It has been an eye sore on Jericho for the past 50+ years…

    November 8, 2011 10:38 am at 10:38 am

  2. The Dugal property was zoned 1 acre homesites like the area around it. 88 Townhouses on 18 acres? really? And for this to happen, they must be tied into the Nassau County sewer system. And it is next to a wetland. The most troubling thing about this is the “affordable credit” they are paying the CDA to NOT build the required 20% affordable component. “Affordable senior housing”? at $750,000 to $1 million per unit? No wonder they would not want the working class “riff raff” living there! And exactly what role did Bob Fonti play in negotiating this deal on behalf of Kensington? Who does he work for? HHA, the Town, or the developer? Oh,I liked the BBQ joint….

    matt harris
    November 9, 2011 10:05 am at 10:05 am

  3. 100% correct Matt. What really rubbed me the wrong way about the Kenningston project is that it was getting pushed through the same time as Avalon Bay and Spencers affordable senior housing in Huntington Station. Where were all the affordable housing advocates that came out to scream we need more affordable and senior housing? It seems they only show up when it will be put outside of their backyards in SD 3 or Huntington Station. I don’t recall hearing a peep from Dick Koubek, William Spencer, and you know that very important affordable Housing advocacy group better know as the League of Woman Voters.

    Ilene Fucci - Editor
    November 9, 2011 10:25 am at 10:25 am

  4. Hey Matt, I was just thinking. Susan Berland may now have the votes to get you apointed to the HHA board as she promised. You would be perfect for that role. You have done so much work over the years educating yourself on the HHA and advocating for safe and affordable housing. I can’t wait to see what she does.

    Ilene Fucci - Editor
    November 9, 2011 10:39 am at 10:39 am

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