More Distortion from the Doctor

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Over the weekend my opponent issued a robo-call falsely stating that if elected I will be eligible to receive two pensions. This is categorically untrue and this telephone message marks another chapter in a campaign in which my opponent has deliberately attempted to misinform the voters.

As has been pointed out previously, I am a retired school teacher and receive a New York State pension. I also receive health benefits for which I contribute 40% of the cost of the insurance. If I am elected Suffolk County Legislator the cost to the taxpayer will be significantly less than if my opponent is elected. This is because I will not be eligible to receive a pension or health care as part of my compensation for serving as county legislator. New York State law prohibits it. My opponent would receive health care and pension benefits as matter of course which would make his compensation about 30% percent more than mine will be. He knows this. When we met before the Commack Civic Association I was asked about my pension. I explained to the civic group what I had just previously stated; that is, that electing me to the legislature would cost the taxpayer at least 30% less than if my opponent were elected. He was there. He heard me. He knows his telephone message is false and misleading.

On this eve of Election Day I would like to express my appreciation for this community in which we live. We as individuals and as members of the community are engaged in the affairs of the day. I appreciate the courtesies which were extended to me as I walked your neighborhood reaching out to you as individual voters. We now have one more task.  Tomorrow, I ask for your vote.

Elizabeth C. Black
Candidate – Suffolk County Legislator 18th L.D.

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