Special Session Delivers Relief For Long Islanders

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Assemblyman Jim Conte voted on December 7, 2011 to pass legislation reforming New York’s antiquated tax code to provide relief to Long Island families and seniors while eliminating the MTA payroll tax on public and private schools and many small businesses.

“By reforming New York’s tax code and eliminating the MTA payroll tax for public and private schools and many small businesses, lawmakers have provided much-needed relief to Long Island families and job creators. This will help stimulate our local economy and grow jobs,” said Conte. “I have been a strong proponent of repealing the job-killing MTA payroll tax since its enactment in 2009, and I am pleased that I could do my part in helping to greatly reduce the negative impact this tax has had on our communities.”

Assemblyman Conte noted the legislation will also help create and attract new employment opportunities to Long Island by making investments in the region’s transportation infrastructure and providing tax cuts to the state’s manufacturers.

“Investments in our roads and bridges and reductions in taxes that businesses and individuals pay will help to make Long Island a more attractive place to own a business. These are the types of economic incentives needed to bring more employment opportunities to the Empire State,” said Conte. “Job creation and economic growth are important to get New York back on track and it will eventually lead to increased revenue for the state.

“While the Legislature accomplished much during today’s special session, lawmakers must now focus on providing unfunded mandate relief for school districts and local governments and institute spending reforms to reduce the size and cost of state government,” said Conte.

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