Huntington Library Elections by Carol Oberlander

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This letter is to express my complete confidence in Paul Ehrlich for Huntington Library Trustee. I have known Paul and Laurie and their family for over 25 years. They have close connections to the town of Huntington. Laurie’s father worked in the schools and the entire family has much pride in our town. Laurie is an outstanding music teacher and Paul is a retired businessman.

 The Ehrlichs currently live in the Village and are very interested in keeping our town viable during these economic times we live in. Paul has been a trustee of the library for the past three months and would like to continue in this capacity. He will support programs that motivate children to a lifetime of reading, which include technology and new programs. All Huntington residents enjoy our public library and the resources it provides. After all, Huntington is the best town on Long Island!

I know I can rely on Paul to perform his duties of Library Trustee and achieve results without waste of our tax dollars. He is honest, takes pride in his work, is professional and courteous, and has integrity. I have confidence that Paul, with his business background, can successfully manage the tax dollars efficiently. We, as taxpayers feel that that is crucial.

Please vote on Tuesday, April 3 for Paul Ehrlich for the Huntington Public Library Board of Trustees.


Carol Oberlander

  Huntington Resident

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