Political Bullying

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In a classic display of political bullying, the Huntington Town Board is attempting to derail Councilman Gene Cook’s request for an  audit by questioning the way he gained a permit to build his garage!!  Seriously??  Wasn’t Independent Party nominee Gene Cook elected to his position this past November on a platform of budget reform and transparency?  Huntington has not had an audit for more than a decade and the taxpayers want to know how their hard earned dollars are being spent.  But instead of opening its books as an honest Town Board would do, the Huntington Town Board reacts with what is clearly an attempt to cover up the real issue at hand.  And coincidently, just after Councilman Cook began requesting an audit, the Town Controller quits her job.  Does Town Supervisor Frank Petrone really think that Huntington taxpayers are will be fooled by this pathetic ‘wag-the-dog’ attempt to defray public scrutiny of its books?  I hope the Huntington Town Board majority stops trying to obstruct Councilman Cook’s reasonable audit request on behalf of the taxpayers.  

Martin Johnston

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2 Responses to Political Bullying

  1. For far too long Supervisor Petrone touted his “5-0” majority rule. He even declared it at the inauguration of Mark Mayoka, the first Republican on the Town Board since the RINO Capadano was voted out of office and replaced by Jackson.
    Now we see how damaging a one party system can be. There are Town Hall employees who claim to be terrorized. No one can effectively do their job when a ruling party won’t allow the transparency needed to conduct proper Town business. Mr. Cook has determined things are not quite right there based on his business experience, and wants an audit to determine if his assumptions are correct. Instead of demonizing him in the press, Petrone should welcome an audit to prove or disprove any malfeasance in the budget. The people he serves deserve to know the truth. Anything less should be considered suspect on Petrone’s part.

    matt harris
    April 7, 2012 8:39 am at 8:39 am

  2. The quickly achieved “stop work order” on Councilman Cook’s garage is an indication that town agencies can move quickly when motivated, even when the general welfare of the town is not threatened.
    Is it too much for tax paying voters to expect the same kind of timely response from town offices dealing with $220 million of their hard earned money?

    April 7, 2012 7:00 pm at 7:00 pm

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