Recharge NY Helping Local Business

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Assemblyman Jim Conte announced that several area businesses will be awarded the first round of lower-cost power allocations under the ReCharge NY (RNY) program, which Assemblyman Conte helped pass into law last year.

 “ReChargeNew Yorkprovides companies and nonprofits with reliable, low-cost power to promote economic development and job creation throughout our state,” said Conte. “By lowering energy costs, we are helping to make LongIslanda more affordable place to own a business and make the region a more attractive place to start a company. This will lead to greater investments on the employment front and will help to grow more jobs.” 

Local businesses in Assemblyman Conte’s district receiving low-cost power underReCharge NYinclude: 

  • Adecco USA, Inc.
  • Air Techniques, Inc.
  • CanadaDry Bottling Co. of NY, Inc.
  • CanonU.S.A., Inc.
  • Graphic Image, Inc.
  • Telephonics Corporation
  • Ultimate Precision Metal Products, Inc.

            Under the law, the New York Power Authority Board of Trustees approved the allocations totaling nearly 600 megawatts to 517 enterprises acrossNew York in return for their retention of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in capital investments. The power will be available July 1, as provided for under the RNY legislation.


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