Huntington School Board Reorganization Meeting

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John Paci

Huntington School Board members unanimously re-elected trustees Emily Rogan and John P. Paci III to serve as the body’s president and vice-president, respectively, during the group’s reorganization meeting on July 5 in the Jack Abrams School auditorium.

New trustees Tom DiGiacomo and Xavier Palacios were sworn into office by District Clerk Elizabeth Troffa at the beginning of the meeting. The pair was elected this past May to serve three year terms running through June 30, 2012. They replace retiring trustees Elizabeth Black and Kimberly Brown, both of whom declined to seek re-election.

Mrs. Rogan, Mr. Paci and Superintendent James W. Polansky were each administered the oath of office, as required by state law. 

Xavier Palacios

Tom DiGiacomo

 Trustees took the following actions during the reorganization meeting:

• Appointed Elizabeth Troffa to serve as district clerk during 2012/13.

• Appointed Jill Miranda to serve as district treasurer during 2012/13.

• Appointed Guercio & Guercio, LLP as the district’s general counsel for 2012/13 with a retainer of $41,000 and a litigation rate of $240 per hour.

• Appointed Guercio & Guercio, LLP as the district’s labor counsel for 2012/13 with a retainer of $80,000 and an hourly litigation rate of $240 per hour for litigation services other than those related to the collective bargaining agreement.

• Appointed Sheehan & Co., LLP as the district’s internal auditor for 2012/13 at a maximum fee of $35,000.

• Appointed Corporate Medical Consultants, PC – John Colletta, MD to provide district physician services in 2012/13 with a retainer of $53,750.

• Appointed election clerks and inspectors, including Catherine Bender, Christine Bene, Mary Lou Brown, Emmagene Brown, Concetta Cagnino, Rita Carino, Margaret Creighton, Edie DeGennaro, Madeline Emmons, Joan Esposito, Margaret Florio, Gordon Goldsmith, Regina Kelly, Janet Lentini, Frances Lewandowski, Mildred Lombardo, Dorothy McElduff, Jill Miranda, Judith Murphy, Rosemarie O’Rourke, Gladys Palacios, MaryAnn Sarsfield, Betty Jo White and Regina Zorn.

• Designated the district’s seven building principals as Dignity Act coordinators and appointed related support personnel.

• Approved the securing of excess bonding in the amount of $1 million for the district treasurer, deputy treasurer and assistant superintendent for business, $500,000 for the three central treasurers and $200,000 for the district clerk.

• Readopted the district’s code of conduct.

• Authorized 89 organizations to use district facilities pending their applications and adherence with district residency requirements.

For a complete list of actions taken by the board,  Click here.



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