Avalon Bay Soil Management Plan Update

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Stockpiled Soil

On Friday August 3rd Huntingtonian reporter Dan Fucci visited the Avalon Bay Huntington Station site and made the following observations.  All of the trees on the 26.58 acre site have been taken down and removed from the property. Also a stormwater/sediment basin has been excavated on the south end of the property along 5th street.  It appears that soil scraping operations have also commenced as stockpiled soil is evident on the site.  A construction trailer has also been placed on the southern end of the property along 5th street. Please see the attached photograph’s depicting the current conditions at the site.

Sediment Basin



A question that is continuously asked by residents is how deep will the contaminated soil be buried on site and how close to the groundwater will the buried material be? We have provided a cross-sectional diagram of the proposed soil excavation pit below.  According to the diagram that was provided within the Soil Management Plan, the Arsenic contaminated soil will be buried in the pit and said contaminated soil will be between 30 to 50 feet thick.  According to the United States Geologic Survey the approximate depth to groundwater at the site is 143 feet from the surface. The bottom of the excavation pit will be approximately 77 feet from the surface. This means that the bottom of the contaminated soil pit will be approximately 66 feet above the groundwater table at this location. As stated in the Soils Management Plan the contaminated stockpiled soils are supposed to be covered in an effort to minimize soil dust in the vicinity. We will continue to update this story as events unfold.

Cross section of Arsenic Soil depth

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