Huntington Town Board Meeting Tonight

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Agenda For Town Board Meeting: September 24, 2012



1. Consider adopting Local Law Introductory No. 16-2012, amending

the Code of the Town of Huntington, Chapter 198 (Zoning), Article III

(Residence Districts), Section 198-20.1 (R-HS Residential Health

Services District). (Local Law Introductory No. 16-2012)

NOTICE FOR THE HEARING IMPAIRED: A Sound Enhancement System is in place in the Town Board Room. To access it switch your hearing aid to the “T” (telephone) position. If your aid lacks a “T” switch or you do not wear a hearing aid you may contact the person at the desk outside the Town Board room for an assistive device to use with the hearing loop. This person will arrange for you to borrow the assistive device for the meeting. The assistive device must be returned at the end of the meeting.


2012-429. AUTHORIZE the Supervisor to execute a requirements contract for the hydraulic repairs and parts-selected items with Dependable Repair Inc.

2012-430. AUTHORIZE the Supervisor to execute an extension to the requirements contract for the lawn and landscape maintenance for the Highway Department with Looks Great Services, Inc.

2012-431. AUTHORIZE execution of contract of sale and appropriating funding necessary for contract and closing requirements for Town acquisition of Park Avenue Dairy/Kiruv Property, Huntington.

2012-432. AUTHORIZE the Comptroller to amend the 2012 Operating Budget for the Town of Huntington and its Special Districts.

2012-433. AUTHORIZE the Comptroller to distribute interest earned on tax revenue to the various taxing districts within the Town of Huntington.

2012-434. AUTHORIZE the Town Attorney to continue the retention of an expert in Engineering (Conrad F. Pohlmann, P.E.).

2012-435. AUTHORIZE the correction of Code Violations at various locations pursuant to the Code of the Town of Huntington.

2012-436. ACCEPT the dedication of a widening of Woodbury Road, an access easement, a utility easement and two natural and scenic buffers for the subdivision known as Haines Plat.

2012-437. URGE the New York State Commissioners of the Departments of Environmental Conservation and Agriculture and Markets and the New York State Invasive Species Council to add invasive bamboo to the invasive species regulations being adopted pursuant to Environmental Conservation Law, Section 9-1709, as amended.

2012-438. URGE the N.Y.S. Liquor Authority to conduct a Public Hearing on whether a license should be granted or denied to a new retail store to be located at 295 W. Jericho Turnpike, Huntington Station, NY.

2012-439. ENACTMENT: APPROVE the issuance of a Certificate of Approval in a Historic District Re: 4 Terrace Place, Cold Spring Harbor – Cold Spring Harbor Historic District.


To consider amending the Uniform Traffic Code of the Town of Huntington, Chapter 2, Article I, §2-1, Schedule A Re: Traffic Signal – Park Avenue at Cliftwood Drive, Huntington.

2012-441. URGE the Governor and New York State Legislature to place limits on the number of retail liquor store licenses that can be issued within a geographic area and to set forth standards defining “saturation” of said area for the purpose of limiting the number of retail liquor store licenses which may be issued.

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