Ripe Gallery – Landscape Impressionist Show Running through September 29

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We are thrilled to bring Shain’s one-woman show of beautiful landscapes, amazing still-lifes, and some special surprises to our main gallery. We’ve recently changed the color of our walls, and we’re celebrating our Sixth Anniversary of being in Greenlawn!!! If you are taken in by Shain’s soft, sweet personality, you will certainly be surprised by the powerful, yet poetic images she captures in her landscapes. “People often point to my paintings and say they know that place. Then I know that I have struck a chord in them; and yet, while they are somehow familiar with the territory, they are also really “seeing” it for the first time. It is, of course, as much of an internal place as well as external. Nature and art are within and without us, something close to what I would call “home.” It is those moments when we most fully connect to our surroundings, those held-breath moments, that I am interested in. I also see the idiosyncratic forms of nature as instruments in an orchestra, and light as the conductor. I am a conduit of that light as I create my compositions. ” Shain has been involved in numerous gallery exhibitions and her works appear in many corporate and private collections. Running through September 29, 2012.

Ripe Art Galley 631.239.1805, 67a Broadway Greenlawn, NY 11740

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