Letter To The Editor From Councilman Mark Mayoka

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Dear Editor,

I recently fulfilled a goal of mine; filming my first tutorial for Huntington @ Your Service or the H@YS system. My hope is that this will be the first of many tutorials in the coming months. The objective in filming this video is to assist with the reduction of crime. With your support and input we will be better able to pinpoint where, when and what type of crime is occurring in our town, otherwise known as “Crisis Mapping”. The Town of Huntington has launched this new portal to encourage resident input and involvement.

The tutorial examines our quality of life issues such as graffiti, missing manhole covers, litter and other nuisances that can adversely affect our lives. The ease and simplicity of the H@YS system will allow for town workers to track and resolve problems that have been reported.

It will also allow residents to track any issue that they have reported. This short video tutorial shows Town of Huntington residents a new, efficient way they can make the Town aware of issues affecting their quality of life. The tutorial is currently being aired on your local Town TV channel. Cablevision channel 18 and FIOS channel 38, it can also be found on You-Tube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhPz88mZ4wY&feature=youtu.be <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhPz88mZ4wY&feature=youtu.be>

This step-by-step instructional tutorial will allow residents to report issues of blight effortlessly, simply by logging onto http://huntingtonny.qscend.com/ <http://huntingtonny.qscend.com/> .

I would like to say to the people who attended “Huntington Crisis Planning Initiatives Meeting” at Jack Abrams Intermediate School, on April 28, 2010 that, “We Are On The Road To Success”. “Huntington @ Your Service” (H@YS) was introduced earlier this year and has provided a gateway for anyone with access to a computer or cell phone to report issues in their community in real time.

Letting the Town know about situations such as abandoned vehicles, graffiti, illegal dumping and stolen man hole covers is the first step toward getting rid of such blights. Now, thanks to “Huntington @ Your Service” you can report examples of blight from your computer, tablet or your smart phone. We all appreciate Huntington’s fine quality of life, and it’s up to all of the residents in the Town of Huntington to keep it that way!


That’s Huntington @ Your Service.

Thank you

Councilman Mark Mayoka

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