Student Artwork Recognized In Huntington in Bloom Art Contest

Art Contest Winners

In BloomLocal students were recognized for their participation in the Town of Huntington’s 13th annual art contest. The theme this year was “Huntington in Bloom: A Depiction of Spring in Huntington.” The contest is organized by the Huntington Arts Council and sponsored by Astoria Federal Savings.

The contest was open to students in grades three through eight. A jury comprised of artists and art professionals selected the award-winning works. Reproductions of the winning works were displayed at the Heckscher Museum of Art on May 3 and at the Tulip Festival in Heckscher Park. Three winners from each grade level were selected throughout the Town of Huntington.

Elwood Middle School eighth-grader Sarah Weitman was selected “Best in Grade” for her respective age group. “I chose to portray a butterfly because it allowed me to make my work more colorful and textured,” explained Sarah. “I really enjoyed working on this project, and it is an honor to have my work recognized.”

Flower Hill WinnersHuntington School District’s Flower Hill School third graders Theadora Carnesi and Di’Asia Davis earned honors in the art contest. Their artwork was entered into this year’s contest by their teacher, Jackie Plesent, who was thrilled when her protégés earned honors. “It was a wonderful night and I am so happy two of my students won awards,” the teacher said.

The winners each received a $50 cash prize, as well as a $50 reward for their school’s art department to put towards the purchase of supplies.


Photo above left: Elwood Middle School eighth-grader Sarah Weitman was selected “Best in Grade” in the Town of Huntington’s 13th annual Huntington in Bloom art contest. (By Alison DeMaria).

Photo above right: Flower Hill winners Theadora Carnesi and Di’Asia Davis.

This is the complete list of winners:





Huntington Theadora Carnesi 3 2nd-3rd grade
Npt/ENpt Grace Berkery 4 2nd-4th grade
CSH Liam Dillon 5 2nd-5th grade
SHUFSD Vanessa Franco 6 2nd-6th grade
Npt/ENpt Nicholas Holfester 7 2nd-7th grade
Harborfields Michelle Murray 8 2nd-8th grade
Huntington Di’Asia Davis 3 3rd-3rd grade
Npt/ENpt Claire Freas 4 3rd-4th grade
CSH Sophia Stearn 5 3rd-5th grade
SHUFSD Alyssa Christiansen 6 3rd-6th grade
Harborfields Madison Gagne 7 3rd-7th grade
Harborfields McKayla Landau 8 3rd-8th grade
Npt/ENpt Zackary Zdrojeski (corrected 4/25) 3 Best in 3rd grade
Commack Taylor Castaldo 4 Best in 4th grade
Private Katie Burke 5 Best in 5th grade
CSH Samuel Genser 6 Best in 6th grade
Harborfields Amanda Saladino 7 Best in 7th grade
Elwood Sarah Weitman 8 Best in 8th grade
Private Jacqueline Rall 6 Carolyn Fostel BEST IN SHOW


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