“It Is All About Huntington”

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It's All About Huntington 1In commemoration of Municipal Clerk’s Week

Town Clerk Jo-Ann Raia is pleased to announce the opening of a new exhibit entitled “It Is All About Huntington” to commemorate “Municipal Clerk’s Week”.

Under this theme, the exhibits feature different aspects of the Town’s history such as Government Departments, Street Images from the 1900’s, industries that flourished in the Town and Town harbors.  The exhibits will consist of images and artifacts on loan and original documents from our Archives.

Our first exhibit, “Street Images in the 1900’s” features street images of Main Street, Huntington for the most part, (courtesy of the Huntington Historical Society) Main Street, Northport (courtesy of the Northport Historical Society) and Greenlawn (courtesy of the Greenlawn-Centerport Historical Association).  On display are also hand painted panels of buildings on Main Street, Huntington.  Some of those structures do not exist today and some have been altered to accommodate a modern society.  These panels were created by high school art students in 2003 as part of yet another archives project to commemorate the Town’s 350th anniversary.  “Throughout the remainder of the year, the material in our display cases will be changed in order to feature the entire theme of the exhibit” said Ms. Raia.

Four new handouts were developed as part of this exhibit, two on Huntington, one on the material from the Greenlawn-Centerport area and one on Northport.  The handouts contain clues pertaining to the images on display.  To “Guess What?” is the present site of the photograph on the handouts, one needs to review the exhibit and find the image on display.  One can also drive or walk around the Town and discover how locations have changed.  Those who find the answer to all four handouts should contact the Town Clerk’s Department to discuss their findings and claim a copy of the booklet, “Huntington Tap Roots”.  The deadline is October of 2013.

The answers to the puzzles created for the areas of Greenlawn-Centerport and Northport can also be discussed with Deanne Rathke, Director of the Greenlawn-Centerport Historical Association, at gcha-info@usa.net and Heather Johnson, Director, Northport Historical Society at nhsdirector@optonline.net respectively.   “It is a good way to have family fun while learning more about the history of our Town” stated Ms. Raia.

The exhibit is located in the lobby of Town Hall, on the second floor across from the Supervisor’s Department and on the third floor across from the Town Council Office.  It will remain open during Town Hall business hours until the end of September 2013. 

Image above left is one of the four handouts created for the present exhibit, “Street Images in the 1900’s.”



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