Residents Attend “Feelings, Inspiration and Change” Book Signing & Discussion at the Book Revue

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Book Revue

By Dana Humphrey

On Tuesday, June 25th, 2013, two inspirational authors joined together to do a book signing and discussion at the Book Revue in Huntington.

Dina Wilcox author of “Why Do I Feel This Way?” and Jane Elissa author of “Diary of a Lollipop in a Peanut Factory,” spoke on the topic of ‘Feelings, Inspiration and Change’ at the book signing event.

About Dina Wilcox’s Book:

After her husband lost his three-year battle with HIV, author Dina Wilcox embarked on a ten-year journey of self-discovery. Her goal was to understand her own feelings in order to harness her inner power and live meaningfully. “Why Do I Feel This Way?” is the result of research and experimentation she conducted in order to learn about her own brain, and to use what she learned about how our feelings exist to help people thrive.

“Why Do I Feel This Way?” addresses topics such as memories, fear, love, consciousness, and reality. Our brains give us all the information we need in order to act in our own best interests. Armed with the power they supply in a variety of fun and interesting ways, Wilcox posits that people can even change reality. A compelling cross between science and memoir, “Why Do I Feel This Way?” is for everyone who is curious about how they can use their feelings to live a life they can love. Click here for more information or to purchase the book.

About Jane Elissa’s Book:

Join artist and designer Jane Elissa as a single phone call to the Leukemia Society alters her life. While she raises money to battle cancer, Jane unexpectedly finds herself living out childhood fantasies, building her own shop at the crossroads of the world in Times Square, and falling in love. She believes she’s conquered her personal fears until one day “memories of Brooklyn” rush in and heartbreak slams back into her life…. She thought she had become a strong peanut, protective shell in place, but then the twists and turns of fate throw her a curve and leave her feeling like a lollipop once more with nothing to protect her heart from dissolving.

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