How Mavericks and Rule-Breakers Changed the Movies – Class

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Film History Class  Contact: Glenn Andreiev 631-889-3130

“Don’t you dare do that!  That’s never been done in a movie!” yells the nervous film producer.  “Oh yeah?  Watch this!” says the maverick movie director.

On Saturday, July 20th, at Huntington’s Cinema Arts Centre, filmmaker and film history writer Glenn Andreiev will teach an entertaining and fact-filled course on how maverick film-makers molded “moving pictures” into the endlessly imaginative art form it is today.

“The very first movies, made back in the 1890’s- were almost always just a single wide shot of a simple event, like a boxing match, or President McKinley walking across a lawn,” said Mr. Andreiev.  “Over the years, filmmakers invented and re-invented camera angles, editing and other aspects of the movies.  Modern films such as Life of Pi or The Hobbit, have their origins in what these maverick filmmakers created.”

“Most classes on film history highlight the iconic, famous films like Citizen Kane and The Godfather.  I like digging deeper.   I’ll be showing clips from iconic films, but also from very creative films audiences originally overlooked.” Andreiev continued.  “I’ll show scenes from two obscure Alfred Hitchcock movies that are startling and way ahead of their times.”

The three hour class is not just a film presentation and a lecture.   It will also be a back and forth discussion.   After the film clips, Mr. Andreiev will have the students make a very short film that focuses on film history.

So, come to the Cinema, and spend a summer Saturday morning watching and making fascinating films.

Glenn Andreiev graduated from New York’s School Of Visual Arts’ Film Program in 1987.    He has studied film history under such famous historians as William K. Everson and Gene Stavis.  Since then, he has worked independently in film, making his own feature films and feature documentaries.    His work has appeared on Netflix, CNN, Court TV and The View.  He is also a contributor to Kevin Lindenmuth’s new book, How To Make Movies: Low Budget/No Budget Experts Tell All.  

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$30 Members $40 Public Tickets can be purchased online, at the box office during theater hours or by calling Brown Paper Tickets at 1-800-838-3006.

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