Radicals? Are You Kidding Me?

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It is undeniable that the campaigns that Petrone and Cuthbertson are running are full of vicious misleading attacks and lack substance.cookmayokaprice_coffee

When you have two incumbents with a combined 36 years on the job with an abysmal record filled with tales of manipulation, retaliation against residents, and alleged pay to play stories it is not surprising that they will resort to vicious, relentless and misleading attacks of their opponents. They have to make their opponents sound scarier than they actually are.

Forget about the fact that Mark Mayoka has been around for 4 years and Gene Cook for 2.  During this time, they have done nothing radical.

Town Council candidate Tracey Edwards who is on the ticket with Cuthbertson and Petrone seems to have distanced herself from the rhetoric and is trying to stick to the issues and what she can offer if elected Councilperson.

There is nothing radical and scary about Town Supervisor candidate Eugene Cook and Town Council candidates Mark Mayoka and Josh Price.  These are the type of individuals that we hope for in candidates.  They are local residents who have typical families, own successful businesses and have decided to run for office because they are concerned about what they see around them.  They also have the personal wealth to run for office which unfortunately is a prerequisite in a climate that has long time incumbents in the race.

As someone who has taken a stand to tell the truth I assure you that the Choices of Mark Cuthbertson and Frank Petrone are far scarier.  Just ask the many residents including myself that have been threatened by them or their special interest group friends.  If you read the current legal case of the LaVertu v The town of Huntington it outlines their typical pattern of  behavior.

When I saw the first  TV ads calling Mark Mayoka, Gene Cook and Josh Price radicals I laughed.  For anyone who knows even a little about these men, they know that couldn’t be further from the truth.  The endless barrage of completely untrue mailings arrived first with a picture of one gun, than two, and they progressively grew to become flyers with as many scary looking guns as one could fit on a page.

What the misleading message is actually saying is as follows:  Hi, we are Mark Cuthbertson and Frank Petrone along with special interest groups and those that have been profiting off the taxpayers. Instead of talking about the last 2 decades of broken promises we have decided to try to make our opponents look even scarier than we actually are.  The polls we conducted told us that you do not like tea party radicals and guns scare you.  Therefore we are going to paint our opponents as gun yielding crazy extreme far right maniacs.  We don’t care if there is not one ounce of truth to this message because we honestly believe that the average voter is too stupid to decipher the truth from a completely fabricated lie.

By contrast, look at the campaign that Highway Superintendent  William Naughton is running.  His message is positive and talks about his accomplishments.  If you look at his print ads and mailings , he lists many things that he is proud of.

I recently met with Gene Cook, Mark Mayoka and Josh Price to discuss how they felt about the way their opponents are running their campaign.

Josh Price said that the information in the flyers is completely untrue.    He told me that he recently confronted Cuthbertson at a debate and asked him if he felt comfortable attaching his name to an outright lie. He asked him to clarify what he based these accusations on.  Cuthbertson came up with some convoluted logic  explaining that because Cook made a comment about guns and Price shares the Republican line with Cook, therefore Price is responsible for the comment  Cook made.

Cook responded sarcastically “well by that logic, I guess Cuthbertson is a radical too because after all we are on the Independence line together.”

Price continued, polling shows that tea party candidates are unpopular and people want common sense guns laws.  Therefore it has become common practice that Republicans across the state are being relentlessly attacked for positions that they never took.  Josh continued, I have never taken a position on gun laws publically as I am focusing on town issues.  That doesn’t matter to Petrone and Cuthbertson because they are in this to win at all costs.

Mr. Mayoka chimed in, Petrone and Cuthbertson do and say whatever they want whether it is true or not.  They do that whether  they are running the town or their campaigns.

I asked Mr.  Mayoka what he felt about the lies that were being spread about him by his opponents.  His response was they are doing this because there is nothing truthful that they can use against me.  Based on the way these individuals operate, I fully expected this.

Since I took office, everything I have tried to do for the betterment of the town was blocked, obstructed and delayed by Cuthbertson and Petrone.  They do it with us and they do it with William Naughton.  In the case of the Highway department they intentionally try to make Bill’s life harder.  They don’t consider that it ultimately hurts the residents of the town.

Mayoka explained Cuthbertson and Petrone don’t like Mr. Naughton because he stands up to them.

I asked them how their families and loved ones were dealing with them being mischaracterized. They all said their closest loved ones were very upset by it.  Price explained that those that are helping with his campaign are shocked by the injustice and how nasty it can get.  Some of them have asked how it can even be legal for Petrone and Cuthbertson to say those things about him.  Others have said to him that the vicious campaign by his opponents make them wonder if anything is ever true in politics.

One of Josh Price’s friends who is helping him campaign attended my interview with the three. They  were campaigning door to door before and after we met.  I was  curious about what she thought about the campaigns that Petrone and Cuthbertson are running. She said it is infuriating.  These three individuals are just really good guys that want to get back to the basics and fairly represent people like you and me.  I know Josh for a very long time and it is very upsetting to see the lies that are being spread about him. I want to see this team get elected because I know they are tired of the abuse just like the rest of us.  I am a very busy person with young children including a special needs child. I have never been involved in politics but I am taking the time out of my busy life to work hard to get them elected because I really believe in them. Talking to Josh’s friend reminded me of myself 4 years ago when I began to have first hand experience with the lies told by politicians and printed in many papers.  It’s really hard to absorb at first. It makes you rethink everything you took at face value.

Gene said he felt bad about them attacking his running mates because of something he said that was taken out of context.

Josh and Mark chimed in and said Gene shouldn’t feel bad because Cuthbertson and Petrone were going to get nasty regardless.

Cook continued, the literature does not  accurately characterize my views on guns.  I want to discuss Town issues but Cuthbertson and Petrone want to avoid that.  Certainly I don’t want to see guns in town Hall.  I don’t want to see gun violence anywhere.

Gene continued, “I want to see good business management in this town.  I am amazed at the inefficiency in our local  government.  The haphazard way that general services is managed is costing the tax payers significantly.  There is 35 million worth of equipment with no inventory controls.  The workers can’t find what they need in an efficient manner.  We see inefficiencies like this all across the various town departments that are managed by Petrone and Cuthbertson.  I want to change that.

He mentioned that William Naughton has a very efficient set up for inventory controls in the Highway Department. They use a software based inventory system.  They can tell you what they have on hand, when things were repaired last.  It also lets them know when they need to order more of something. We should be doing that in other departments.

I want to make sure that people are treated with respect and that their hard earned money is spent wisely. That is not happening now, Cook continued.

Price stated, before I was chosen as the candidate, I was asked if there is anything in my past that would be brought up by the opposition.  I was told since there was not, Cuthbertson and Petrone would make stuff up.  I fully expected them to make up something but I didn’t expect it to involve guns.  It just is not something I have ever associated myself with.

The first thing, Gene cook, Mark Mayoka and Josh price plan to do is vote in term limits.

After experiencing this process, I have strengthened my position on term limits, explained Price.  Without term limits, it is nearly impossible  for an honest person to compete with a long time incumbent.

The three of us are fortunate enough to have been able to use some of our own money for our  campaign.  Most people can’t afford to do that, so they are shut out of the process.



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5 Responses to Radicals? Are You Kidding Me?

  1. Meanwhile Mark Cuthbertson is a hypercritical pandering.

    Here he is with his own gun comments and they are worse as they are a call to action..


    Here he is with the NAACP crowd where he feels the need to invoke Obama and National issues to get the crowds approval..


    and this might be the worst one where he panders to the Hispanic community (in Spanish no less) and what he says is horrendous considering this was not a political event, even if it was it is still WAY over the top..


    October 24, 2013 7:59 am at 7:59 am

  2. Ugh, why do Petrone and Cuthbertson feel the need to behave like defensive children? If they are as wonderful as they portray themselves to be, then why the need to disparage and demonize their opponents? If they believe in themselves so fully then they should have nothing to worry about, right? If their opponents are so ill equipped to hold these positions, then let us, the voter decide based on what we see and hear directly from each candidate.
    The practice of using a community event to promote your political aspirations by engaging them in a “lets boo our opponents when I say their name” game, is just that, a game, not to mention the height of ignorance. And because Cuthbertson spoke in Spanish to try and ingratiate himself to the community, arrogant and demeaning.
    These actions solidify what I already know about Petrone and Cuthbertson’s lack of honor, character and humility. Their lack of these basic qualities have been on display at each of the town meetings I have attended. Sad that two grown men feel the need to denigrate another in the name of politics. Lovely legacy to leave your children and grandchildren. Good luck with that, “gentlemen”.

    October 24, 2013 11:57 am at 11:57 am

  3. Sr. Cuthbertson es un idiota

    October 24, 2013 12:28 pm at 12:28 pm

  4. It’s time to start ridding this country of pandering liberals. Dumping them at the local level is a good start.

    Mark Smith
    October 26, 2013 9:52 am at 9:52 am

  5. Wow, if this were Cook or Mayoka, Petrone and Cuthretson would be all over this with mock outrage! What, no press conference, Jane Devine and Sherry Pavone? What Cuthbertson said and did is far worse than you can pretend Cook’s comments were. And they all know it, they’re just hoping the people of this town don’t see through them before they can be re-elected. But just keep being yourself Mr. Cuthbertson, you’re making Mr. Cooks’ job easy by putting your arrogance and hypocrisy on full display.

    October 28, 2013 1:43 pm at 1:43 pm

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