Message From South Huntington Superintendent Regarding Recent Crime

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As you can imagine, the recent news reports regarding the arrest of several Huntington Station youths has generated a great deal of conversation within our community. We would like to express from the outset that the victims remain in the thoughts and prayers of our South Huntington learning family. While we recognize the seriousness of these charges, the ages of the individuals, and the ongoing nature of the outside investigation make it inappropriate to add comment regarding incident specifics. Nevertheless, it is certainly accurate to say that while the incident being reported is entirely unrelated to the school, the majority of the young men who have been accused are in fact students in our district and some of those were involved in our athletic program.

We do want to emphasize that the reported behaviors, which are part of this case do not reflect the values of our school community or the character of our students. While there will always be factors outside our school house doors that are not within our control, Walt Whitman High remains a safe, productive school with talented teachers that educate some of the finest students in the region. The actions being reported in the news did not take place inside of our schools or on the grounds and our high school and district team remain committed to preserving that safety and productivity of the environment. Rest assured that we will not allow this incident to tarnish the good work of our schools or endanger the safety of our students, faculty, or staff in any manner.

Although I understand that people will naturally turn to the school for information the education and legal systems remain two very distinct entities with entirely different sets of rules and protocols.  As a result, the legal system will proceed with its due process requirements and the school district will pour the totality of its energies into preserving the safety of our students and staff and the orderly nature of the learning environment. We will continue to follow the developments of this case, remain vigilant within the law, and not allow manifestations to impact our school community.

 Dave Bennardo

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