Proposed Law To Combat “Knock Out Game”

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 Assemblyman Andrew Raia announced his support for proposed legislation to combat a violent new “game” that has become a growing concern to people across the country over the past few months. In the “Knockout Game,” groups of younger people target a seemingly random individual and attempt to knock them unconscious with one punch while others in the group film the incident. This cowardly and violent game has already claimed the lives of people in New Jersey, St. Louis, and Syracuse. Raia and his colleagues in the state legislature are proposing that those caught participating in this “game” face up to 25 years in prison (currently it’s between 4-15 years depending on the age of the assailant).

“Killing or injuring an unsuspecting person for the sake of ‘sport’ is just plain cowardice,” said Raia. “Under this proposed legislation, those caught playing the ‘Knockout Game’ will be prosecuted as adults.”

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