Letter To The Editor: Americans For Legal Reform

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 The oldest most successful legal group in the world begins its 21st year. During these last 21 years, we have assisted those frustrated with the legal system. We provide information and educate litigants regarding court procedures. There have been many complaints about the conditions that exist in our legal system. Now is the time to work with the system to make the necessary changes.  If you love America, for the sake of your loved ones and future generations, please act now by giving your time, money, or both.

Our next public meeting will be February 11, 2014 at the PLAINVIEW OLD-BETHPAGE LIBRARY AT 7:00 PM.

We are also available for private lectures. Contact us for more information at 631-423-6390   or Email: Americans4legalreform@yahoo.com

Our website is www.americans4legalreform.com

Court  Watcher

Your input is important!!

Help save your Country—–Don’t vote for Lawyers.

Strong Words?—Yes! Because our “legal-criminal-justice-system” is a failure.

Everywhere there is increasing crime, overcrowded prisons, overtaxed courts, early parole, endless litigation and more crime. Huge settlements for liability claims are bankrupting businesses, churches, municipalities, and individuals. A bureaucracy which demands mountains of paperwork to satisfy the lawyers is crushing our everyday lives. Problems with lawyers are endless and we are held hostage by a profession that fails our citizenry, but controls our government.

In the Congress of the Unites States, there are 535 senators and representatives. Lawyers occupy 247 of these seats: an incredible 47 per cent of our government. The conflict of interest by lawyers in government is outrageous. How can we expect an efficient and effective government when it is controlled by legislators trained in controversy and not trained in productivity and management?

What can we do? We must recognize that: First- Laws are made by state and federal legislatures. Second- Lawyers often make up one-quarter or more of these legislatures, yet comprise less than 0.4 percent of our population. Third-these “lawyer-legislators” manipulate and control the legislature and they, in truth, make the laws. Fourth- It is impossible for them to make any law unfavorable to their interest. Fifth- By the laws they make: they increase controversy and decrease productivity.

While we all have friends and family who are lawyers and whom we like as people, that does not mean they should run our government and our lives. We can change this chaos by not voting for lawyers and by voting for other worthy candidates. One-half can be removed from legislatures, both local and national, every two years.

This simple democratic, and nonviolent effort, will assure the return of our government back to our people in short order. It will also send a strong message to the remaining lawyers that “WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH”.


Banning G. Lury M.D.

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