Raia, Colleagues Unveil Education Plan

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Raia, Apple PlanPress Release from the Office of Assemblyman Andrew Raia

At a recent press conference in Albany, Assemblyman Andrew Raia and his colleagues in the New York State Assembly Minority Conference unveiled what they believe to be the best possible solution to the current debacle that is New York State’s education system. The Achieving Pupil Preparedness & Launching Excellence (Apple) Plan was created after 11 hearings were held across the state. This plan was created as a direct result of the testimony received from hundreds of concerned parents, teachers and administrators at these hearings.

“Our current system of standardized testing, teacher evaluation and the manner in which Common Core has been implemented just isn’t working,”
said Raia. “We have a realistic, yet bold, plan to fix the failed policies of the State Education Department. I want to thank everyone who came to all of the hearings across the state. The hundreds of teachers, students, parents and administrators who offered their perspectives were invaluable in making this plan a reality.”

The Apple Plan calls for a delay of Common Core until a comprehensive review of the standards has been completed, at which time, if deemed acceptable, the standards would be phased in on a grade-by-grade level starting in first grade. On top of that, the Apple Plan would eliminate the 2011 GEA school funding cuts, create an independent teacher panel to develop, review, and approve age-/developmentally-appropriate curriculum, and severely restrict data mining of our children’s personal information.

The entire report compiled after the hearings can be read at… http://www.scribd.com/doc/201479293/At-the-Educational-Crossroads

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