Raia, Sen. Boyle Advocate For Sexual Assault Victims’ Safety

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Victim Safe Treatment Act

Pictured left to right, Assemblyman Mike Cusick, Assemblyman Andrew Raia, Senator Phil Boyle, Robin Roberts. 

By Michael Gurtowski (Office of Assemblyman Raia)

Assemblyman Andrew Raia recently joined State Sen. Phil Boyle to unveil a plan to stop sexual predators from harassing victims in hospital and recovery settings. The Victim Safe Treatment Act was unveiled at a press conference in Albany yesterday after Robin Roberts, a local activist, previously brought the issue to the attention of members of the state legislature. Sexual assault victims too often find themselves in the same group therapy and counseling sessions as sex offenders. This can result in more severe trauma for victims who are supposed to feel safe in counseling and use it is as a place for healing.

“First, I want to thank Robin for bringing this issue to our attention. It’s absolutely ridiculous this isn’t the law of the land yet. This is a common sense issue. We don’t put sexual predators next to schools or next to daycare centers, so why on Earth would we allow them near those who are trying to heal from such traumatic experiences? This year, we absolutely will get this passed into law,” said Raia.

To see Assemblyman Raia, Senator Boyle and others speak on the issue, watch the video here.

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