Whitman’s Got Talent. . . And Plenty Of It!

By Steve Bartholomew

This annual tradition continues, and the wealth of talent still boggles the mind. There are students that, with steady progress, will find their way and clearly enjoy expressing their talent. And there are those who already belong on the professional stage. The majority are all in the middle of course, and that makes for a thoroughly enjoyable evening as “Whitman’s Got Talent” showcased our amazingly talented students.

In a true talent showcase form, our three judges provided witty and honest assessment at the conclusion of each number and the audience couldn’t get enough. The humorous banter between judges Latko, Damm, and Graziano, added to a festive evening, strengthening the close artistic community that reinforces Whitman as a top-level school for the performing arts.

Show announcers Emily Stasko, Doug Castro, and ‘KB’ Bamgbleu kept the performance moving and delighted the audience as they too were drawn into several of the performances. Congratulations to Doug Castro, who seized the moment, by asking Nicole Quattrocchi, who had just finished performing her Synchronized Swimming Medley, easily the evenings funniest performance, to the Senior Prom.

Congratulations to the following performers (in order of appearance, some students listed twice, as they performed more than once): Olivia Banting, Ianni Karagiannis, Tyler Gianchetta, the Latino Dance Club, Gina Cipriano, Nicole Quattrocchi, Jenn Fenwick, Elizabeth Bushey, Ruby Bafu, Amy Profaci, Symone Stewart, Chelsea Saccente, Mr. Jon Varlamos, Eliza Wong, Chelsea Saccente, Symone Stewart, Anthony Morace, Nick Miata, Kyle Bernstein, Jack Zuckerberg, Jenn Fenwick, Emily Dilillo, The Award Winning Whitman Step Team, Jeremy Williams, and Amelia and Danielle Profaci.

The senior class officers and Mrs. Zamow would like to thank Mrs. Latko, Mrs. Damm & Mr. Graziano for being our judges; Alex Dollin and the Lamplighters for handling the lighting and sound; Men’s Warehouse for supplying the announcers tuxedos; the custodial staff for setting up, Mrs. Acker and all the administration for making this event possible. Above all, we want to thank all of the students who shared their talents with us for making this show possible!

Whitman - Latino Dance ClubPhoto above: The Latino Dance Club performing a Dance Medley.

Whitman - Swimming

Photo above: (Left to right) Elizabeth Bushey, Nicole Quattrocchi, and Jenn Fenwick perform a Modern Dance Synchronized Swimming Medley that had the audience smiling.

Whitman - Judges

Photo above: Judges left to right: Mr. Graziano, Mrs. Damm, and Mrs. Latko, clearly enjoyed the evening.

Whitman - New York State Of Mind

Photo above: The declared winner of the evening…the highly talented Jeremy Williams who performed “New York State of Mind” by Billy Joel.

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