Matinecock District Cub Scouts Race Pinewood Derby Cars

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By Phyllis Stein

Pinewood Derby

“And they’re off!!!!”

Racing six small wooden vehicles on the specially-fitted track in each heat, 91 hand-crafted Pinewood Derby cars were in the competitions at the Annual Matinecock District (Boy Scouts of America)’s district-wide runoff event held in the gym of the John Glenn High School in Elwood on March 29, 2014.

The cars had to be made by the boys (and parents could assist) in shaping and decorating the 5-ounce block of wood contained in the Pinewood Derby Car Kit.  The 7- to 10-year-olds who were taking part in the District-wide event had previously raced their cars in the individual Cub Scout Pack’s race.  The top four winners from each of the Cub Scout Packs in the Matinecock District (which encompasses Western Smithtown and all of the Town of Huntington) were eligible to take part in this event.

With friends, parents, and volunteer scouting adults from the Pack and the Scout District to cheer them on, matrix style races were held for the 91 Tigers, Cubs and Webelos and their cars.  The top ten winners received trophies, and each participant received a commemorative patch. The scouts and their families, representing 26 of the 33 Matinecock Cub Packs, had a fun day at this Matinecock District 2014 Pinewood Derby.  Electronically scored, the pinewood derby cars raced from a variety of speeds of 192.5 mph to 216.2 mph and were timed at speeds of 17.7140 seconds to a top speed of 15.8440 seconds as they came to the finish line on the 40-foot long racing tracks.

Top district winners (first to tenth place) were:

1st place – Gregory M. of Pack, 329  (Commack)

2nd place –Alex N. of Pack 457 (Dix Hills)

3rd place – Cort G. of Pack 238  (East Northport)

4th place – Gunnar K. of Pack 406 (Huntington)

5th place –  Jason D. of  Pack 238  (East Northport)

6th place – Dylan S. of Pack 328   (Smithtown)

7th place –  Colton K. of  Pack 406    (Huntington)

8th place –  Bradley R. of  Pack 406   (Huntington)

9th place –  Dominic C.-V. of Pack 178  (Huntington)

10th place – Christopher T. of  Pack 403  (E. Northport)

Rob Zeblisky, Matinecock District Pinewood Derby Race Chair said, “The Tigers, Cubs, and Webelos Scouts who participated in the Pinewood Derby race are truly winners, whether  in their individual Cub Scout Pack or here at the  District-wide race. They have had the fun of creating their own racecar and seeing it run, with their parents and fellow scouts cheering each and every one of them on to winning.  Special thanks go to all the volunteers who assisted me in this event: Boy Scout Troop 8, East Northport’s Boy Scouts Peter B, John S, Mark S, Jack P and Anthony G.  Thanks go to Cub Scout Pack 312 (East Northport) who supplied the track, Cubmaster Mike Scheibe (Cub Scout Pack 312), Angelo Fiorino (Boy Scout Troop 8 ) and Matinecock District’s Program Assistant Elaine Gray, Matinecock District Executive Bobby Rabbitt and scouting parents Roseann Zeblisky & Mike Wine.  It was a great time for everyone who took part in every aspect of this great Cub Scouting event.”

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