Does Mr. Petrone Have a Memory Problem or is it Collective Amnesia?

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Flashback Friday 2This story was originally published on December 5, 2011.

The problems in Huntington Station are extremely serious and they require a serious leader to address them.  We do not need more political quotes and committees.  Children are shooting each other, grandmothers live in fear, tax payers can no longer handle the burden, school districts are being dramatically impacted and negative stereotypes are being unfairly confirmed.  We can not tolerate anymore lip service and the all talk, no action approach that has been mastered by those who are supposed to serve us.  At the Rally for Peace that was held on Saturday, December 2, 2011, the Town Supervisor addressed the crowd with the following quote:

“This should be a beginning. We are taking back this community, and we are speaking loudly with one voice.” Frank Petrone (Newsday, December 2011)

If you feel like you’ve heard this before, it is because you have. Here is a list of 23 similar comments from our Town Supervisor.  The time frame spans more than a decade.  Ask yourself, how much progress could have actually been made if his words were sincere.

“I think it speaks very loud and clear to anyone that wants to exploit any individual or family in this town that when we are aware of it, we are going after it vigorously.” -Supervisor Frank Petrone -Sept. 1999.

“The community of Huntington Station has gone through difficult times, but NOW ITS COMEBACK TIME. With input and guidance from those who work in the station and those who call it home we are poised to reclaim this great community.” Frank Petrone – 2001.

“There is no doubt the Town of Huntington has pledged to improve conditions in Huntington Station and it is our desire to accomplish just this in a manner that is a win/win for all concerned. The recent headlines concerning revitalization of this community has actually been an excellent vehicle to bring many more residents throughout the town to the table for productive discussions during these EARLY PLANNING STAGES”. Frank Petrone – June 2002.

“While we have made progress in curtailing illegal housing throughout Huntington, more needs to be done,” Supervisor Frank P. Petrone said. ” This is clearly a quality of life issue and this multi faceted enforcement initiative will not only provide better protection for those who rent but also hold those accountable who choose to knowingly violate our housing laws.” – Frank Petrone 2002

 ‘This will attack head-on the problem of illegal substandard housing,” Mr. Petrone said. ”We want to give block after block back to the people.” – Frank Petrone, NY Times, June 2, 2002

 These combined projects will be the first steps to revitalizing the areas immediately surrounding our Town’s vital transportation hub, as well as Huntington Station’s neighborhoods and business district,” – Frank Petrone – July 2002

“While the Huntington Station Revitalization Committee REMAINS IN THE PLANNING STAGES, the Town, with the help of its friends, is moving forward to do what it can to BEGIN THE PROCESS of turning this community around.- Frank Petrone 2002.

Over the past several years, Supervisor Frank Petrone, and the entire Town Board have made the revitalization of Huntington Station a HIGH PRIORITY. The formation of the Huntington Station Revitalization Committee, creation of a comprehensive smart growth plan, enactment of a six-month moratorium and establishment of the new Business Improvement District all demonstrate the Town’s firm commitment toward reviving the Huntington Station community. – Town of Huntington Press Release April 2003.

“Our plans to make Huntington Station a better place to live, work and play are gaining widespread support and momentum from residents throughout Huntington. We remain committed to this effort. THIS LATEST ROLL-OUT OF INITIATIVES to improve Huntington Station is demonstrative of that fact.” – Frank Petrone, May 2003

“Plain and simple, this kind of behavior will not be tolerated, and this Town, together with the strong support of law enforcement and our school community, has committed to exhausting every possible resource to address any activity that is criminal or threatening to law abiding citizens and especially, our children,” –  Town of Huntington Press Release, April 2003

“Huntington Station’s continued revitalization demands a multi-faceted approach that includes input from all levels of government, from law enforcement, from school officials, and, most importantly, from leaders in the community,” – Petrone 11/2/09

“Now is the time to pool our resources, develop a coordinated plan and work together as we implement the initiatives that will address the community’s many diverse needs, ranging from where we place community resources to how we attract new businesses to the ways we can work together to make the community more secure.”-  Frank Petrone 2009

“I am confident that by working together, thinking creatively and dedicating ourselves to achieving measurable results, we can transform the community and in doing so restore its vibrancy.”  – Frank Petrone 2009

Supervisor Petrone will personally chair the Action Coalition, whose mandate will be to identify the root causes of Huntington Station’s problems, to explore concrete proposals that can be implemented quickly and to devise longer-term approaches. (2009 Town of Huntington press release)

“In calling this an Action Coalition, the emphasis is on action,” Supervisor Petrone said. “As smaller groups. these subcommittees can more quickly identify needs and devise solutions they can present to the Coalition as a whole. This will speed the process and help us attain our overall goal of implementing the initiatives that will address the community’s many diverse needs, ranging from where we place community resources to how we attract new businesses to the ways we can work together to make the community more secure.” Frank Petrone, November 2009

“NO LONGER IS IT TIME TO SIT AROUND AND MEET AND HOLD HANDS AND SAY KUMBAYA, ITS Time to put the hand out. One, to shake another hand, and two, to ask for help, as we provide the resources with other levels of government, as we have done through the police department, asking for help. We can meet together, we can agree, we can disagree, but if we’re not going to put the resources here, we’re paying lip service to ourselves and to our collective constituents.” – Frank Petrone, January 2010

“We have a mission, and our first mission is to listen,” Supervisor Petrone said “Our mission here, whatever party, has been to listen, and our mission has been to work with this Town in a very broad way. We never work and just work for one neighborhood and one community, we work for the whole town. This town, whatever party, this town joined hands and worked to the benefit of the individuals. And that’s become expected by Huntingtonians.” Frank Petrone, January 2010

“We’ve started that process and we’re going to continue,” Supervisor Petrone said. “We’re going to clean it up, we’re going to rebuild it and it’s going to set an example for the rest of Long Island of what a diverse community means, and how good it is.”  Frank Petrone, January 2010

“These actions serve additional notice of our resolve to continue cracking down on violations of Town codes, especially in Huntington Station,” Supervisor Frank Petrone said. “That is why I formed a code enforcement task force last fall, and why the task force continues to address the violations of Town codes that affect the quality of life for all who live around these locations.” Frank Petrone, Village Tattler, July 2010

Petrone added, “We are all committed to making Huntington Station a safer and more pleasant place to live. By working together, we will drive out the influences that have kept us from realizing those goals.”  Frank Petrone, 2010

“Those of us in Town government share your frustration about the instances of violence in the Huntington Station area and, as parents, fully understand your concern about the safety of your children. IT HAS BECOME INCREASINGLY CLEAR TO US that this problem cannot be handled with local resources alone and that every level of government – federal, state, county, town and the school district – must be involved in the search for solutions. – Town of Huntington Press release, March 2010)

“We are committed to working with all levels of government to explore realistic measures to address this serious situation. “Please know we in the Town, as well as our partners at the federal, state and county government levels, are LISTENING TO YOUR CONCERNS ANS ARE CONTINUING TO MEET AND BRAINSTORM to address the safety of all residents in Huntington Station.” – Town of Huntington Press release, March 2010

“This report contains an impressive set of recommendations and marks a major milestone for the Coalition in setting an agenda whose timeline stretches from the next few weeks to the next couple of years. “I thank the Coalition members for their hard work so far, but we all agree THIS IS ONLY A BEGINNING. The Coalition’s subcommittees will now start implementing the action plans that will realize our broad goal of addressing Huntington Station’s needs.” -Frank Petrone, 2010

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  1. The Emperor’s New Clothes! Sorry, I’ve got to burn “that” picture of Frank out of my mind right now!

    Nice collection of quotes, I hope someone puts this on Frank’s desk as a reminder of promises broken.

    My Town Too
    October 18, 2014 11:11 am at 11:11 am

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