Steve Bellone is a Hypocrite When it Comes to Protecting Water Quality

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letter to the editorThe writer is the executive director of the Long Island Pine Barrens Society, a nonprofit environmental education and advocacy group that brought the litigation. 

Dear Editor,

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone is a hypocrite when it comes to protecting water quality.

He has repeatedly said that it is the top priority of his administration and supported a proposition on the November ballot that mandated changes to the County’s Drinking Water Protection Program be done by public referendum.  Six times, Suffolk County voters have passed referenda requiring this, and last year it passed two-to-one.

Now, he is appealing a unanimous Appellate Court ruling that says taking money from the Drinking Water Protection Program without voter approval is illegal! Bellone is essentially saying that he believes government has the right to raid the water fund!

How can we trust Steve Bellone to protect water quality when he believes government has the right to raid a fund dedicated to that purpose?


Richard Amper


Richard Amper

Executive Director

Long Island Pine Barrens Society

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