Letter to the Editor -Red Light Camera Report

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“The Suffolk County Red Light Safety Program uses automated enforcement to enhance the safety of motorists at red light intersections located within Suffolk County,” according to the county’s Traffic and Parking Violations Agency website. However, the 2015 report recently released by the Agency tells a different story. A review of the data shows that 50% of the county’s red light camera intersections saw an increase in reported accidents over the previous year while 42% of red light camera intersections saw an increase in accidents involving injury. Those are startling statistics, although not entirely surprising, as last year’s report told a similar tale. How can the county continue to ignore that its “safety” program may be placing motorists in jeopardy? 

The report indicates that the county experienced an overall reduction in accidents at red light camera locations across Suffolk during the period, which is good news, however, that fact further underscores the concern over specific intersections and makes the county’s unwillingness to address potential safety fears all the more egregious. The cameras continue to roll at these intersections with no thought of taking them offline. Despite the urging of countless motorists and several lawmakers, including myself, the administration has refused to entertain any suspension or re-evaluation of this program, which at best is flawed and at worst dangerous. And, the reason for that is simple; the program continues to be what it always has been, more about dollars than sense.          


Robert Trotta

Suffolk County Legislator, 13th District

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