Letter To The Editor – Lisa Cook “the biggest losers here are the residents of the Town of Huntington.”

Dear Editor,

 It has come to my attention that there are grumblings that I, Lisa Cook the wife of Town of Huntington Councilman Eugene

Gene Cook With His Wife Lisa

Cook, was the reason he dropped out of the race for Huntington Town Supervisor.  I feel compelled to set the record straight.

The truth of the matter is that my husband withdrew from the race for Supervisor when the leader of one of the parties who was backing him would not agree to welcome a more diversified ticket of running mates.   Gene strongly believes that the Town of Huntington is a melting pot of people from many ethnic backgrounds, religions and varying beliefs, and  that there are an equal amount, (or greater), number of women in the township.  He understands that choosing a team of candidates that reflect only a portion of the constituent base is an injustice to the Town of Huntington.  A highly qualified candidate like Jennifer Thompson would  be a great addition to the Huntington Town Board, while representing the township fairly and bringing better balance to the ticket.

 If you recall, Ms. Thompson was a newcomer in the 2015 race for Town Council, who only lost by a very small margin. Many believe Jennifer Thompson would not have lost if political parties had not once again made their back room deals in order to place their preferred people into different positions; and that this was accomplished when they placed a “straw candidate” on one of the lines to draw votes away from her.  Unfortunately, political powers were successful at their human game of chess.

When Gene made this very difficult decision he discussed all of this with our family. I, our four daughters and son all supported his decision and are extremely proud of him.   The fact of the matter remains unchanged – Gene made his thoughts and beliefs extremely clear through the process of being chosen as the candidate for Supervisor to all the party leaders involved.  It is not my fault that one of these leaders refused to listen.  When it was brought to light, Gene responded in an email stating his intent to pull out of the race if the diversity of the ticket was not addressed.  There was radio silence from her, and now it seems that she is now trying to save face with angry constituents by blaming me, Gene’s wife.

Sadly, because this is known to go on in every political party, I had my reservations and concerns when my husband was getting involved in politics. After seeing him in action, I realized that he made a difference. It became clear to me that he still continued to follow his beliefs and stay true to his integrity and would not become your average politician.  This is the reason I have stood by his side and always supported him in his many races.

It is my opinion that Political Parties care more about their power than they do about people and the betterment of the community. The truth of the matter is that the biggest losers here are the residents of the Town of Huntington. It is my belief that at no time have we ever had a more effective Councilman on the Town Board than Eugene Cook.  He is able to get things done faster than anyone that I, or the residents have ever witnessed before. Most importantly, it’s at the lowest cost to the taxpayers!

I so strongly believe in the abilities of my husband Eugene Cook, that I plan to vote for him as a write in candidate for Huntington  Town Supervisor on November 7, 2017 and I urge everyone else that is as disappointed as I am to do the same.

I hope this sets the record straight.



Lisa Cook

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