Harborfields High School Teaming Up For An Easier Transition

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In anticipation of school starting next week, Harborfields High School held its annual Buddy Program on Aug. 29. This program helped introduce incoming freshman to the high school with an upperclassman as their guide.

Assistant Principal Christopher Patronaggio welcomed the Class of 2021 to high school and encouraged them to use the day to ask as many questions as possible of their buddy.

At the same time, Principal Tim Russo encouraged upperclassmen to make sure no freshman was without a buddy, and to answer any and all questions they had.

“I want the upperclassmen to remember what it was like when they started high school and to treat their buddies accordingly,” Russo said.

The two groups were brought together in the gymnasium, waving and greeting each other in excitement. Clusters of buddies formed and left promptly for tours of the school.

Incoming freshman Kate Lynprainito, before being paired with a buddy, remarked, “I have a general idea of where I’m going, but I think having a buddy will help me solidify my knowledge of where everything is. I’m glad I signed up for this program.”

Principal Timothy Russo addressed the volunteer Buddies on Aug. 29 at Harborfields High School

Freshmen Allison Kennedy, Taylor Sammis, Katie Waring and Danny Benson on a tour with senior Billy Waring

Photos courtesy of the Harborfields Central School District

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