Huntington School District #3 Gets $200,000 Grant For Library

Senator Carl L. Marcellino and Assemblyman Chad A. Lupinacci today announced that they procured a $200,000 grant for the Huntington School District. The funding will be used to upgrade the Huntington High School Library in a manner that would allow the most efficient utilization of the space to best accommodate a range of purposes and student interest simultaneously.

“As a former school teacher and administrator for over twenty years, I know the important role libraries play in educating our youth. I am pleased to be able to procure this grant with my colleague Assemblyman Lupinacci to ensure that Huntington School District has the tools and resources necessary to make this a vibrant and effective space,” said Senator Carl L. Marcellino

“Upgrades to the Huntington High School Library will serve as a critical focal point in the education of thousands of students each year. Not only are libraries, like Huntington’s, a sanctuary for education, but a place for individual growth as an active and upstanding citizen,” said Assemblyman Chad Lupinacci. “I am so pleased that Senator Carl Marcellino and I were able to secure this this critical grant which will undoubtedly improve the educational and learning experiences for countless students to come.”

The Library serves as a site of enrichment and remediation for at risk students after school hours on a daily basis. In addition, it is used for extracurricular meeting space, peer tutoring, homework help, computer use and more.

“The high school library is a place frequented by nearly all students either during or after the school day as a place of quiet study, research, computer use and more.  We are beyond grateful for the generous grant, which will allow us to improve the facility’s functionality and make it more suitable for simultaneous multi-purpose use,” said Huntington School District Superintendent James Polansky.

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